Ode to the pen

O pen, my voice
to open worlds
with these poetic links
I carve with ink.

O pen, my sword
to fence, defend,
make sense in
opening the doors.

O pen, my key
that show just how
my act of poetry
is more than words.

The Nostalgia Of The Poet by Giorgio de Chirico

The Nostalgia Of The Poet by Giorgio de Chirico

Today we dance quadrille with dVerse. 44 words including use of the word open, or a derivative of this. Victoria is hosting.
September 12, 2016

32 responses to “Ode to the pen

  1. I was about to protest the use of ‘fence’ as being the opposite of ‘open’ (I’m a bit sensitive to building fences and walls at the moment, hmm, wonder why?). But then I realised it was fence as in the art and sport of fencing. A very clever, precise poem with not a word wasted (in fact, often doing double the work).

  2. Clever, indeed, brother; loved it–last stanza was killer, & yes, the word smithing was fun–really rocked the Q44.

  3. I took this quite seriously as it resonates with me right now, a little “fencing” going on with my pen these days…
    …but “O pen”….now that is clever, sir!!!

  4. First, I like the play of words. Very clever! 😁
    Next, the idea of poetry being more than words is quite true – poetry being quite revealing about ourselves and the world around us.

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