At the therapist

You say it’s only
while I pick at scabs
coping, hoping
that someday I’ll
learn to live with
stretch of scars
and this:

my skin’s too thin
to stand your
words of

Copyright Man Ray - Fairuse

Copyright Man Ray – Fairuse

Today Grace is hosting dVerse OLN. I was thinking about scars as metaphors, and ended up with this, I have yet to visit a therapist, but I think I might feel a bit like this. Pub opens at 3 PM EST.

September 8, 2016

31 responses to “At the therapist

  1. sometimes the only way to heal is to examine those scars, get to the root cause of the problem ~ some therapists are good at that, others not so much ~ an interesting take on therapy! 🙂

  2. I can relate to this. I have been to a therapist and it never seemed to help the wound heal. It was a lot like picking at a scab and making the wound bleed again and again.

  3. Excellent metaphor. It seems going to a therapist is like that – pulling off the scabs over and over and getting the wound to bleed. The last stanza says it all. One reason I stopped going to a therapist. I never healed.

  4. Oh, ouch! Metaphors….great things for a writer. I hope you get to heal….and I’m with Toni….they rip open the scabs and you get scabs on scabs….condo of scabs for life. Ugh. Love the poem, love the last lines.

  5. My mother always told me, “Don’t pick at it!” She was a wise woman. Great poetics, Bjorn…effectively brief (which is what we’d hope from therapy)!

  6. I sometimes think that most of us could use some form of therapy, since we count on our spouses & friends for being a sounding board & counseling. Yes, you aced the use of metaphor as well. Thanks for your support for my continuing with my cinemagenic saga.

  7. Scars as a metaphor–I have many. To me they represent survival. Last time I flew, TSA wanded me, patted me down and took me to a private room. I told them that the density they were seeing was my kidney transplant. They were doubtful so I said, okay, and just showed them my scar! Yikes. I embarrassed them. :0)

  8. People hurt others with their words without them knowing it. I have found myself in the first paragraph situation (too many times, unfortunately). Then, I’d wonder what wrong thing I said. Duh. On the other hand, that lack of tactlessness is directly proportional to my thin-skinned reception of certain words. I think, either way, people need therapy – to avoid hurting people; and to be a little more easy-going about others’ words.

  9. I did and it felt a good deal as you described. I said it was like splitting my abdomen and spilling my guts. Then cramming them back in at the end of 55 minutes.

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