Fade in fall

The way in fall
what leaves becomes
your urge to stay.

It briefly fireworks,
in yellow, crimson,
blood, before it fades.

It’s like that postcard
sent from Côte d’Azur,
apologizing for the end.

And you recall the
breathless promises
before in fall they fade.


Today it’s time for a Quadrille again at dVerse, De hosts and wants us to use the word leaves. A wonderful word, and though I used it for what leaves, I did hint at the leaves of fall… Come and join us with your best Quadrille.

August 29, 2016

50 responses to “Fade in fall

  1. Your quadrille left me breathless, Bjorn. I can’t wait to have a go at this prompt! I’ll have to save it all up until this evening!

  2. I love the multiple meanings tucked away in “fall,” too. This is really gorgeous. I especially like the first two stanzas. I tried to write one last night (a quadrille), but it ended up being too long, with the required word getting edited out. 😛

    This is really profound: “what leaves becomes / your urge to stay” … We are all just like that, aren’t we? … I think this is my favorite part: “in yellow, crimson, / blood, before it fades” … Beautiful work.

  3. I like how all the lines could either represent autumn, or the overall theme of change and of a relationship which has ended.
    It’s like that postcard
    sent from Côte d’Azur,
    apologizing for the end. – simply put, but hiding a complexity…a relationship ended from afar, and also from an ideal place as if to rub salt in the wound.

      • I’ll save it for OLN or just a day when there is no prompt. Funny thing is, I blended Toni’s sky and Dee’s leaves in this one–I’m crash landing here.

        As for your poem, I gave such a cursory review, but just need to say I love the metaphor of fireworks–that brief moment that leaves one feeling full of awe.

  4. Bjorn, I always, always love the double meaning that “fall” can bring…it is strong here, as well as your double hint of “leaves.” Love this.

  5. The 24-liner is just beautiful. Maybe the fibonacci palindrome can be used as a ‘form’ prompt. Of course the quadrille is well done too. Took a double reading I can tell you.

  6. Love how you describe autumn: It briefly fireworks…perfect for the bursts of color! I love this whole quadrille, actually. It is perfection and that postcard from Cote d’Azur….gave me the chills on this hot summer day.

  7. This reminded me of an old family album my mother found filled with postcards from two lovers. I felt like I stepped back in time as I read those words of endearment.

  8. breathless promises before
    in fall they fade.

    Fall seems to have a way of making one forget for some reasons. In a way it is true Bjorn!


  9. Love this one, Bjorn. Especially the “fireworks” of all those fall colors….and then the fading of promises. The cacophony of color promises excitement….and then fades to winter shades of whites and greys.

  10. ah, transient beauty, transient happiness – we must get a hold of them before they disappear. We must hold them even if they disappear.

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