On the peaceful planet of Zlook an exciting discovery had been made:

They had found a somewhat intelligent life-form on another planet, but alas a meteor was destined to destroy that world.

A rescue expedition with blueprints for salvation was sent to help their poor neighbors.

Captain Zirk looked dashing in his yellow striped uniform, and from the bridge he safely brought it down on a field of boulders.

He tuned his babelfish and listened to the conversation of some local giants.

“Hornets”, they screamed and before communication was established Captain Zirk and crew was annihilated.

Thus Earth was doomed.

I only made a few changes for better flow to my original story which is one of my few (black) humor entries ever.

It’s great to be back writing for Friday Fictioneers, a community of bloggers writing to the same picture every week. Our Starfleet commander is Captain Rochelle Wisoff-Kirk, who looks dashing in her purple uniform.

August 17, 2016

47 responses to “Doomsday

  1. There’s generally some kind of pay-back for killing harmless creatures, I feel. But earth really paid big-style this time. Lovely, Bjorn.

  2. Hehehe. When doom looms, don’t sucumb to gloom but go with a chuckle and read Björn’s dark humour. Love it. You should do it more often.

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