Why leave the TV on?

Bottled up I’m jarred
from inside tremors
as from strings untuned.

I’m screaming into

empty space,
I scribble
words with watered ink.

How come the mountains
shroud themselves in fog?
How come the truth is
neither no nor yes?
Why leave the TV on?

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Today I host Quadrille at dVerse, a poem of 44 words using the word jar in any way you like… pub opens at 3 PM EST… Join me. Picture’s my own and rights are reserved.

August 15, 2016

42 responses to “Why leave the TV on?

  1. The truth — so elusive in so many ways. Turn this way, that way…when our googles really only produce results that some mysterious “being” has tailored to our past queries, likes and dislikes. “Research” on the internet is therefore skewed according to who we are. Ah the mountains do indeed shroud themselves in fog!

  2. I know some people who leave the TV on from first daily news to after mid night – they may cut the sound off at times but the images continue. I’m screaming into empty space, I scribble words with watered ink…sometimes our efforts seem so wasted, so diluted, like silent screams into a pillow. Great to read you again.

  3. A poignant piece, it really makes me think. What captures me most is the title line, because I see it as an echoing scream and I can relate to it. My parents would NEVER, without exaggeration, turn off the TV in the house.

  4. Leaving the tv on is another way to avoid your ‘real’ life and not have to attend to it…or the fear of being alone with your own thoughts. Many are really afraid of that. I really like this, Bjorn…made me think, and love your photo. Is that a cairn there in the forefront?

  5. Oh the use of empty space before “empty space” so perfect. I feel your watered ink. The tears of what’s real clashing against what’s being called “reality”.

  6. Sometimes I don’t know the truth anymore when I watch TV so I hardly open the TV now. A good choice of word for the Quadrille Bjorn. And that photo is stunning~

  7. Great lines, Bjorn:
    ‘I’m screaming into

    empty space,
    I scribble
    words with watered ink.’
    I know this feeling well and wrote something similar. We scribblers are experts at screaming into space.

  8. love the analogies and yet also they have a place in the factual world – never stop asking questions.
    Evidently you have returned fresh and full of impact – the structure of the poem says as much as the words

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  10. Truth or the illusion of truth? It’s enough to make a sane man scream in anguish. I really loved this poem. It seems to speak for me. I’m sure many feel this way.

  11. We don’t realize how distracting the noise from the tv is until it’s turned off – first time for me in weeks as my children are back to school! I didn’t realize how bottled up and jarred I was feeling but now I’m free 🙂 Great theme, Bjorn and lovely poem!

  12. Personally, I don’t even like to watch the news anymore, it tears me up inside. I think the news only gives us half the story. Some days it is better to turn it off.

  13. Turning the TV off may be the first step to peace…the news is often jarring and scream-inducing. I’d rather open a jar of your poetry any day 🙂

  14. That image of watered ink is so bang-on. We do live at a time, when the ground seems to be shifting, daily beneath our feet. Why leave the TV on, indeed.

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