Once beliefs and dreams came true,
when in nineteen hundred eighty nine
a wind of change could crumble walls
and poverty would wane. Maybe we
forget too quickly though. There was
exodus in Balkan and in Rwanda
genocide, but yet through makebelief,
we lulled ourselves, that with a new
millennium humanity could prove that
humans were better than the beasts.

But, maybe angst infests with age,
suspicion nests in brittle bones or it’s
fear that manifests itself in grey of hair.
I have lost my faith in us, in we, in me.

Poets might lament, but words have
ceased to be the mean for change, as
not even death can thaw a frozen heart.
And, I wonder if compassion only grows
from ash, and that we have to phoenix
burn before a peace can thrive again.


Today it’s the 5th day for dVerse 5th day of celebration, there is an interview with Anthony Desmond and Gayle host us with a prompt on belief, pondering what we might believe in, or had believed in. I am pessimistic right now, when the first news are coming in from Munich. Yet it’s not the terrorists I fear the most, it’s the fear it will induce. I will be on hiatus for the next three weeks and I hope to return in a more positive tone.

July 22, 2016

27 responses to “Makebelief

  1. when these things happen they shake our beliefs…and i think that we do find ourselves living in a bit of makebelief so that our pillars of our thought process are not shaken…it does not fit the skema of what we think th world should be…our memories are weak as well…too soon forgetting what we once saw…and believed.

  2. I feel pessimistic these days too, Bjorn, for a myriad of reasons. But I’ve come to realize that I can’t change others but I can strive to be the most positive I can throughout my life so I don’t add more negativity.

  3. Sadly when these things happen, we really wonder how such hate and evil can overcome lives and struggle for peace. It just goes on and on, and words are not enough it seems. Still I have hope for compassion and kindness in us, in you.

    Enjoy your vacation Bjorn and travel light!!!

  4. Though I do not believe we are in “the end of days”, I do think we are in the New Crusades, & Crusades have been known to last 100 years. When I feel down from the onerous daily tragedies, I think of Israel, where terrorist acts have been much too common for decades, yet somehow they carry on with their lives. And I fear that the formidable shadow of Trump could darken the future even more.

  5. that we have to phoenix
    burn before a peace can thrive again.

    There is so much expectation. So much to do but so little done. Peace is never easy and had never been given a fair chance. Chances came but mired by conflicts. It never stood a chance! Yes, we may have to wait for another conflict!


  6. You capture the ephemeral nature of collective human memory. When things are good everyone celebrates.
    When the world fights we remember, but soon forget.
    The world is like the makebelief of those who wield power. Whatever they want to do they do it. Democracy is largely an illusion.
    And like you, I find it hard to see a positive outcome based on recent events, to find a positive spin in a poem.

  7. I do think we are rapidly moving towards The End of Days and I do so fear for mankind. It appears we learn nothing from our history and I firmly believe we are heading backwards, backwards to from whence we came.
    Through technology the world is a much smaller place and therefore has easier access to those who would do us harm. In my personal life I remain moronically optimistic – but for this world of ours, pessimism drowns me.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  8. I’m afraid many of us have lost that early idealism – with good reason. I wonder if there is something we can put in its place?

  9. “yet through makebelief,
    we lulled ourselves,”…we’ve been doing this from time immemorial quite in vain….still we can’t let our dreams die and not strive…a very thought provoking write….

  10. Oh Bjorn, that feeling of dread is following me around like a bad smell. I do hope your hiatus brings you some light and hope.

  11. It’s so hard not to be pessimistic when all the news is of hatred and murder. Have a good break, though… hopefully a positive time of recharging.

  12. Bjorn, I hear you loud and clear. I feel as if the world has gone even more mad, and it’s hard to know how the brakes can be put on. Is it too late? The politics of fear has happened before – and look how that turned out. I hope your hiatus is a restorative one – I shall miss you!

  13. I too am taking time away – it is all too much right now, both outside and inside. Take care, gentle Björn. I look forward to you returning in strength and beautiful poetry and prose very soon. Hugs.

  14. why must it be that each generation has to learn the hard way. of is it the sins of the fathers still reeking havoc on the next generations.?

  15. Grey hair has brought me more cynicism,but also the knowledge that Man has an infinite capacity for recovery. Or if not knowledge, hope – when you have grandchildren you have to have hope.

  16. FDR said in his first inaugural address, “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself.” I had to look it up exactly, but your poem immediately brought the quote to mind.

  17. I am by nature a hopeful person, but I find myself having to work a lot harder at that of late. I find myself reduced to hoping I can keep hoping, a step removed from what used to come naturally. The jury isn’t in, but the evidence for pessimism keeps multiplying. For now, I keep trying to get it thrown out of court. It’s a stop gap measure, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up on it.

  18. The sentiments of your closing lines are an image that often plagues my thoughts. It seems and reads right, but something inside is shuddering.

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