My fylgja

Mighty named at birth
on silent paws
my fylgja follows
still (I hope)

Mighty totem,
cunning, smart
please make
me stronger yet.

Mighty bear
how can it
be we only meet
within my dream?

But there are days
I feel you need
protection still
my little cub.

Poor little bear by John Bauer

Poor little bear by John Bauer

Hannah asks us to write about totem (our totem) at toads. My name is bear so of course it’s my totem (or my fylgja if you are into norse mythology).
July 21, 2016

28 responses to “My fylgja

  1. I enjoyed my read here, Bjorn. Your picture find is great also, it seems to fit your Fylgja description well.
    My Fylgja has a near human form, I never see her in full light. She is most always ahead of me but sometimes she is overhead. I have never fallen in a crack and only in a ravine once, the time she thought I could navigate it, so I know she is good and knows her stuff in guiding my path. She must be ferocious as ofttimes wild animals or desperado type people all of a sudden turn and run from me. I’ve never been mugged or shot.

  2. Touching piece.
    Mighty bear
    how can it
    be we only meet
    within my dream? – thats grand writing. But the whole piece is perfect as a whole, liking the info at the end too.

  3. I love your bear!!!!!! and your tenderness to him…….maybe on one of your journeys into the wild, he will appear………I feel him coming closer……….here is a smile. My sister used to take the dogs down a steep path to the river, before they got too old, to a place where the water pooled deeply and fish were plentiful. Bears and eagles like that spot just as much, and one day she heard a bear in the bushes. She cautiously peeked around one side of a bush, and came face to face with a bear, who was cautiously peering around the bush back at her. LOL. They both went EEK! and departed in different directions. The bears are not too dangerous around here – unless they feel threatened, generally, they prefer to avoid us when they can.

  4. Even reading without a close knowledge of Norse mythology, this is enchanting.

  5. Your closing brings tears to my eyes, Bjorn…truly, I love how you flip up the perception on whom is protecting who…

    I looked up, “Fylgja” I didn’t know its meaning…”Norse mythology, a fylgja is a spirit who accompanies a person in connection to their fate or fortune. The word, fylgja (or plural fylgjur) means “to accompany” .

    Thank you, for bringing me a new word and a wonderful poem and perfect image to accompany.

  6. The bear is such a powerful animal, rich in lore and myth.. How lucky you are to have this totem.

  7. Bear: your name and now shared as your totem. This is a very encouraging story in your journeying

    Much love…

    P.S. I’m happy you dropped in to read mine

  8. This was a perfect – you have brought honor to your totem and the bear brings strength and healing. I met a bear as a small girl. I was riding my bike and a bear had been spotted around, he swam across the river from the mountain area. Anyway, here I am pedaling and I come across this bear strolling down the street. I stopped as I wanted to see him. He wasn’t large, but a bear is a bear. I still remember that feeling of adrenaline flowing through my veins. I went home and told my grandmother I met a bear and she smiled and said “what did the bear say” and to this day, I honor the bear. I remember you telling me your name meant bear and I thought how appropriate as I will always converse with a bear.

  9. I can’t help thinking of “filia.” My father’s blood, his totem. I’m limited to this cloud. But have the luck of humor – it lifts, eventually I will see your bear, cub, and nurturing kindness.

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