Sevenling (Movements)

The score was set in lento major A
for a woodwind forest,
mountain brass and river timpani,

But through the second movement
chainsaws, dynamite and profits fortified
arrangements into minor d.

  — Even teared, the threnody’s a song.

Copyright Claudia Schoenfeld

Copyright Claudia Schoenfeld

Today we continue with our 5th year celebration at dVerse. In addition to an interview with Claudia, we have a prompt writing a sevenling on the topic of Music, where we also have to possibility to use a few of Claudia’s painting for our poem. Welcome, the pub opens at 3 PM EST.
July 19, 2016

25 responses to “Sevenling (Movements)

  1. The painting of Claudia’s you chose for this is perfect. The second stanza puts me in mind of all the discord about us now, how the music of life seems to be a bit sour. But yes, you are right, it is still a part of the symphony of our lives.

  2. from A major to D minor – sometimes it’s just a short distance – sad when whole forests are cut down for the sake of profit – ugh – makes me mad… their song destroyed and the song of many birds and other animals as well..

  3. Yikes. What a turn in this one. I really like how you gave each of the elements of nature a place in your symphony, but then the chainsaws def drown out the song that they sing in its raucous noise…sadly, all too real…putting up more houses, a new shop…while the mall sits silent and empty…maybe they should have the return the old to make the new…or …i dunno…thus is the pace of our world.

  4. Tis true that music is the universal language, & you have taken it a league further by adding political statement; nice job. Been a while since we all did some Sevenlings; cool.

  5. Wow, fantastic shift from serene nature as it should be to the sudden sharpness of the grotesqueness of human actions. Strong and yet so short, often more impacting.

  6. I admire the contrast between the first and second stanza, from windforest to the chainsaws. Still it is a song, a dramatic one.

  7. The beauty of the song can be destroyed so quickly by the hands of man. You capture both sides quickly leaving the reader in a haze 🙂

  8. Oh, dear, that second stanza with the destruction of forests is quite upsetting. There’s a big debate about that going on right now in Romania – it seems our forests are being sold off for timber.

  9. I like the contrasts you’ve made of joyful tunes of nature to the solemn lament of destruction. Even sadness has a song.

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