Why did we cease to think?

Perched on Odin’s shoulder Muninn sits
repeating stories from the past:
from when his brother Huginn still
foresaw a future bright to pave our path.
When thought’s not longer seen as good
and recollection is our guiding star.
When Huginn has been left to die
I see an aging world in deep regret.
Why did we ever cease to think?

Emily Carr, "Big Raven" (1931)

Emily Carr, “Big Raven” (1931)

Today it’s word count with MZ at toads. At the same time writing something beautiful.. I’m far from sure I succeed, but just as a bit of background, I wanted to use the image of the Raven, and I got to think of Huggin and Munnin, Odin’s two ravens, one representing Memory, to learn from the past and the other thought which to me had to do with thinking and planning for something new. Maybe we need to cease to think it was better before, and see how humanity can go forth to something even better than we have today. Odin needs to listen to both his Ravens.

I did a recording despite my cold… listening is voluntary.

July 14, 2016

20 responses to “Why did we cease to think?

  1. Ah, thought and memory… you’d think humanity would have learnt to utilize these facets of consciousness more fruitfully in the modern age wouldn’t you?

  2. I didn’t manage to fit my thoughts into a poem today but I also mused on the same Raven art. No, we should never cease to think, to be conscious of our selves and others. I enjoyed hearing you speak it, your cold put a break in your tone that seems apt — my fave line “recollection is our guiding star”…Thanks for sharing.

  3. The picture got me first and then the words, at first from my reader I thought it was a Haiku (I know nothing else about Haiku) as they have three lines, but I wondered why it trailed off. Fortunately I clicked and followed through to enjoy it all. Nice 🙂

  4. I like the way you connect your observations to your writing, Bjorn. We often idolise the past, because, in part I think, it is over and we do not have to re-survive it physically. Unfortunately, it eats away all the time we need to think about the future.

  5. It is sad that we appear to think less for indeed it appears so. I do think we should learn from our past and rid ourselves of the notion it ‘was better’ for often it was not. But sadly we don’t and go on and on making the same mistakes.
    I do think man/womankind appear relentless in pursuit of their own demise and sadly I do it think it not long-coming. I fear for my children and grandchildren and selfishly I am glad I might be long-gone before that dreadful time comes.
    Nevertheless the optimist in me remains optimistic…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  6. Things gotten very bad off here. Will they learn again?
    Thanks for the intro to Odin and Huginn. And the reading. 🙂

  7. We need to start thinking again or we’ll lose it all! These “thoughts’ must be pure and true. I noticed you missing from PU on Wed. hope all is well.

  8. Thought is always too dangerous for power–it has to be shot down, if the manipulators who want it all are to win–but there is an immortal something to Odin’s ravens, and they are paired for a reason–neither gives enough without the other. Short but just long enough, and very well crafted, Bjorn.(And of course, we pick the raven, my friend. ;_) )

  9. I love your poem and the tale that inspires…Odin and his tree have gathered my attention lately…I hadn’t heard of the two birds…intriguing and inspiring…thank you, Bjorn!

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