When moon goes shopping

Yesterday, I met the moon
as she was shopping
for skin-care products
in our local Walmart.

Her cart was heavy
filled with plus size clothing
marked for sale.

She still looked anorectic
thin, a sliver more than full,
but she prepared for waxing
from beer and canned refritos.

She wore flip-flops and a purple wig,
and I wondered if her paleness
was from lotion or a drunken binge.

Characters in the night by Joan Miro

Characters in the night by Joan Miro

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July 12, 2016

23 responses to “When moon goes shopping

  1. Oh how I do love a poem of the moon-this one was unexpected, I chuckled because I think I’ve seen her while shopping too…Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a very much lighter piece from your pen – I do not think I have ever read so unique a description of the moon.

  3. Well, that’s different! I wonder if you are comparing the moon to the customer, or is there some binge/diet-ing lady you liken to the moon? It works well either way (or both).

  4. Ha! Love the image of the moon being anorexic…Perhaps bulemic too, as she goes through such a pendulum swing from her widest to thinnest phases.

  5. Very interesting. The poem sounds very modern, and perhaps one could say, random, but I see it as a very special image by someone with thousands of worlds inside oh his head and fingers. I really liked this poem, Bjorn!

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