The summer of thunder

To find yourself
exposed to lightning,
in the mountains
when even fathers panic.

I was ten I think,
and didn’t care;
I had to soak, puddled wet
through clothes.

You can calculate
the distance to the lighting
by counting seconds
from flash to BOOM.

But if they coincide
the rumble’s sharp, like shots,
and you count
the minutes till they cease.

Afterwards the streams
where rivers brown
and home we lit a fire
to keep warm.

Thunderstorm by Ivan Aivazovsky

Thunderstorm by Ivan Aivazovsky

Today we should write a poem titled “The summer of ….” at Poetic Bloomings. This memory is particularly strong with me.

6 responses to “The summer of thunder

  1. Very easy to picture from your great descriptions, as always.
    I can also relate as I have gone through that, although in a forest instead, lighting nearly killing a cow hitting a tree instead.

  2. Super pretty poem. It is like that up here as well in the mountains in upstate New York. We always have an issue with swimming (obviously)– it’s quite wonderful to swim in the rain in the mountains when there is no thunder! k.

  3. Splendid capture. Immediately conjure for me my own past:

    I was about 8 when our family was coming across Jenny Lake in a small open boat after a three day camping trip in the Grand Tetons….storm had rolled in..drenching us and the other hikers in the boat…when lightning hit the water about 20 feet from the boat…everything instantaneous…next thing I know I’m at the bottom of the boat with everyone else, my dad covering me after tossing me down in protective reflex.

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