With passion you might argue yes or no
or claim the world is either black or white.
With voices raised we’re screaming “I am right”
and we forget the “why” and asks for “who?”.
That’s when we have to either compromise
or fight a war on issues we forget
when burnt we afterwards are left perplexed
“Why did we let ourselves be patronized?”
So search yourself for messages nuanced
for words that balance both the shade and sun
imagine difference as well it’s fun
to search ideals, to help your kin, give alms.
It’s not on battlefields a war is won,
but through diplomacy, we’re joined as one.

Susan wants us to write about compromise at PU, and some might thing it’s a bad thing. Personally I believe in compromise, as the alternative is so much worse.

16 responses to “Diplomacy

  1. So very true that we can forget the reason for many a battle – I think compromise is a sign of strength in situations where you can show empathy towards another’s plight – it makes us human

  2. It’s not on battlefields a war is won, – so true, and neither is a war ever started on one. Always they begin in the mind.

    And without compromise and diplomacy we are barbarians, no more evolved than humans of hundreds of years ago. Or even those of today, who insist on war to fight ideologies as if thoughts can be defeated.

  3. I like your position Bjorn. I hope we learn to fight our wars with words and compromise instead of weapons. Your poem expresses this perfectly.

  4. On a small scale, I don’t think the hubs and I would still be married if not for compromise. Definitely not weakness if we can meet somewhere in the middle. And how this is needed on our political landscape here.

  5. It’s not on battlefields a war is won,
    but through diplomacy, we’re joined as one.

    I love the optimism here Bjorn 🙂 Excellent take on the prompt.

  6. A wise and impassioned case for compromise. I thought that the sonnet form, worked wonderfully well with the rousing subject matter of the narrative. A call for diplomacy ought to be rousing, I think. Measured and sedate – rarely, gets the message across.

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