For a young boy

Unbroken boy, be brave
your grave’s yet shallow,
when worms of marrow rest

Be blessed in youth, be raw
cause yet no sorrow’s claw,
no flaw has marked your skin,

Be bold my boy, be sane
cause pain still sleeps
in veins and heart.

Crouching boy - Michelanggelo

Crouching boy – Michelanggelo

In dVerse hiatus, I still wanted to do a quadrille, 44 word poem based on some wordplay and rhymes. I link up this to the Tuesday Platform at toads.

17 responses to “For a young boy

  1. Love, love, love this, Bjorn. Quadrille is my new found joy, and the word-play is music to my ears.
    I feel the urge to keep on the poetry train in this time of hiatus too.

  2. Love the rhyme scheme in this. I made a (rather pathetic) attempt to write a than bauk chain today, and your piece reminded me somewhat of the way the rhymes move in the than bauk. I might have to attempt a than bauk quadrille at some time…no promises though!

  3. Lovely. I too love your rhyme scheme, and have been contemplating writing another quadrille myself, being fond of this form too.

  4. be sane cause pain
    still sleeps in veins

    The boy must always have his wits around him for pain is waiting to unleash its fury in things that go wrong.


  5. A very touching quadrille, Bjorn, especially those final lines:
    ’cause pain still sleeps
    in veins and heart.’

  6. I really enjoy the internal rhyme you have used in this short form piece, Bjorn.

  7. I have lately been working with rhyme as well – and want to try my hands at a villanelle – but the quadrille lures me as well. Love your “sorrow’s claw” and “pain sleeping in veins and heart” — emotional images! Thanks for sharing.

  8. As I read this, am thinking of how many young trans-girls are harmed, by their parents, telling to suck up, their emotions, instead of, openly expressing. Sorry, for the downer, Bjorn.

  9. Thank you, Bjorn, for putting that fellow on standby for worse to come. I like your irregular rhyme, it generally is a bit subtle but comes out stronger when read aloud.

  10. It made me think of the parental urge to keep the horrors of the world away from our offspring for as long as possible.

  11. You kindly offer advice to the tenderhearted youth, and it’s a lovely quadrille. It is a good time during the hiatus to practice them for dVerse 😉

  12. I have had thoughts, in a similar vein, when looking at the perfect unblemished skin of a little child … so perfect – if only they could be protected from all the slings and arrows of this world, for their lifetime.

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