She shimmered
hair a halo,
cheeks are rosed with breeze
with bubbled grin
in giggled dance
to lull, to melt and make
my heart skip beats.

In waltz and twist
she spilled green
put a spell on me.

A puppeteer
to pull my strings

Undine by John William Waterhouse

Undine by John William Waterhouse

A second Quadrille for my own prompt rose at dVerse. I tried to use every word we have had for our Quadrille prompt in one poem as well.

20 responses to “Undine

  1. Ah, see Bjorn, you are going to force me to learn new things… at least new to an Americentric reader. I have only the power of Google to save me from ignorance. Water spite or water spirit. Now I can taste, hear, feel and see your poem in better light and higher fidelity. Knowing of what you speak… at least in part. Great poem, I thought, even before I grokked it. Even better now!

  2. I love the way you play with words, Bjorn: ‘rosed with breeze’, ‘bubbled grin’ and ‘giggled dance’ – you are a poem puppeteer.

  3. Your expressions give the fae the beauty, the true one that seduces us. I really like that the descriptions do not feel overly pompous, it makes the poem feel so much more real.

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