From somewhere,
secrets spilled
as arson,

from lips unsealed
to ears synapsed
decoded into half-lies.

Spreading dread and
raging through

a backdraft pestilence
of hate,
turned conclusions,
of almost facts

demanding actions
based on bias
more than reason.
from murmurations

The scapegoat by William Holman Hunt

The scapegoat by William Holman Hunt

Time for another Quadrille hosted by De at Dverse. Come along and play on spill.

35 responses to “Scapegoat

  1. I read this in light of the tragic massacre in Florida yesterday morning. Why can’t we learn to accept one another as we are? You have such ability to write so many styles–from High as a Kite to this. Wow!

  2. Indeed. Totally agree with Victoria. and on another light, bullying – the person who becomes the butt of all the jokes and in the Biblical sense, the true scapegoat onto which the sins of the village/tribe had been figuratively piled and then driven into the desert. I always felt so much pity for the scapegoat.

  3. The “secrets spilled as arson” intrigues me, reminds me of wildfires in Southern California that burn out of control. Bad when started naturally, but all the worse when they result from arson. Destructive either way. I also liked the “almost facts.” Almost only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and government work, not with facts. Yet many try to pass of almost facts as truth.

  4. Nice Q44. strong & clear, with an important message. I guess many of us have Florida on our minds today; that’s what I wrote about.

  5. Oh, B. THIS:
    “secrets spilled
    as arson”

    Goodness. I can just live in that for awhile. Crazy good. And you KNOW I love the word “murmurations.”

  6. I was thinking of politics and way hate and conclusions are done based on half truth, bias and lies ~ I also like secrets spilled as arson, like hate gunning down lives ~

  7. “Murmurations” and “Secrets spilled as arson” That which should be wholly contained released as a wild flame that destroys all. Excellent.

  8. So much of fanaticism is built upon half-truths, untruths, misunderstandings and plain ignorance. The world has always had fanatics just what has propelled them now to action? Great poem, Bjorn.

  9. “a backdraft pestilence
    of hate,
    turned conclusions,
    of almost facts”

    ~I’ve been reading powerful pieces from today’s submissions. I guess it has something to do with this ill world we’re living in today. Another great one, Bjorn!

  10. I agree with De – love that word ‘murmurations’ and the way it starts and ends your quadrille, encircling the message of my favourite lines:
    ‘from lips unsealed
    to ears synapsed
    decoded into half-lies’

  11. I too read it in the light of the Orlando tragedy. One wonders what murmurs in the mind grew into the motivation for such madness.

  12. “secrets spilled as arson” – sounds like the poisonous impact of gossip…or the spreading of rumours, and yes, the hatemongering that causes so much damage and bloodshed.

  13. I like your quadrille framed in murmurations. Some very interesting phrases, love all of them, but the second stanza really struck me.. “from lips unsealed
    to ears synapsed
    decoded into half-lies.”

  14. I love the way you enclose this poem in murmurations from somewhere – where from? is the question. This works on several different levels for me. so much ill informed hatred in the world at the moment.

  15. “a backdraft pestilence
    of hate,”
    These words echo and resonate given the horror at Club Pulse.
    Powerful writing here — even though murmured…

  16. Your poem expresses the pestilence of bad news and violence in our world. We desperately need more facts, reason…and love!

  17. It doesn’t take much to feed the hate of someone who wants to hate, and then to ‘justify’ his actions. Nice write, Bjorn.

  18. based on bias
    more than reason

    One screams out at some of the unfairness meted out on the weak who are discriminated against on the slightest excuse!


  19. Why does innocent blood need to be spilled? An event like this has a domino effect who knows the magnitude? The title alone says so much!

  20. Some powerful lines in this. Sadly, it would appear, we live in a news-at-six soundbite world, peopled by a media-manipulated audience that has been conditioned to be served their news in black and white (no troublesome shades of gray), quickly and definitively … all of which has resulted in sweeping generalizations, stereotyping populations and – yes, scapegoating.

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