Feed the sparrows

Come, tie a fragrant wreath of roses,
and let its perfume fill our noses.
Then dance me dizzy, light the pyres
Let’s fill this graveyard with desire.

Come, wrap me in your solid grip
and ice me with your bluegreen lips,
let’s make our bed on opened graves,
Then tie me up, I’ll be your slave.

Come bury me in scent of lilies,
and jolt me with your sting of chillies,
Then cut and carve, let’s chop our fingers
and fill the night with stench that lingers.

Then turn my flesh to blooming daisies
and laugh at all delivered praises.
Cause in the end our bone and marrow
has wormed itself to food for sparrows.

Girl and Death by Edward Munch

Girl and Death by Edward Munch

Today Magely want’s us to write eerie nursery rhymes at toads. It was hard to keep it seemingly sweet, but I hope it smells a little sick at least.

38 responses to “Feed the sparrows

  1. I do think you have succeeded in writing an eerie nursery rhyme. Thinking of our bone and marrow as food for sparrows is quite a creepy thought.

  2. Oh definitely sweet – sweet has a sticky side..it makes your head rush and dance and the world and the one we love becomes part of the intoxication..as is beautifully danced here..

  3. This is just delightful, Bjorn–it retains that child’s sense of play throughout as it gets darker and darker, just like a traditional fairytale or nursery rhyme, the ones without a happy ending, where Hansel and Gretel are eaten by the witch, and the wolf consumes Little Red Riding Hood. Perfect take on the prompt.

  4. Ha – once again your words dance between light and dark, finding that place beyond flesh and bones. I guess it is in the marrow that the sparrow will use to sing their songs of life.

  5. It really does have a great flow, Bjorn. And I like how this is eerie because it is true… we all must seize the day, and, if we don’t, that’s what’s truly scary…

  6. There was a clever surprise shift towards the end. That did an eerie somersault

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    Much love…

  7. Then cut and carve, let’s chop our fingers
    and fill the night with stench that lingers

    The idea of an eerie nursery rhyme very much evident with lots of untoward consequences on the being. One has to be alert with a fight-back to stay alive!


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