11 responses to “Miss takes

  1. How clever to use miss takes (as a person) ~ And to survive the youth and nerdyness must have been a great relief, smiles ~

  2. “Nerds” are sexy. I don’t believe for a second that being smart kept you out of trouble. I’m sure you were just sly about how you got into it.

  3. CRap.. Sorry Bjorn..
    i forgot i wasn’t
    alloWed to
    here.. noW
    WitH WiNks
    in FAct.. i rarELy
    look at who
    iS even
    to avoid
    noTioNs iN greaTest
    ArtisTry oF poEt FReED..
    in otHer words.. iF it haPpens
    aGain i’m just trYinG to validate
    and clarify my communication as
    i alWays do… when need bE.. oF course..
    And of course as always hopefully you’LL
    understand the metaphor of the whole of
    what i am doing here now.. you kNow..
    the mistake theme thingy.. of course
    WitH FriEndly WinKs ..
    whether you
    have the
    to see the
    deeper meaNing
    heRe or not.. my old FriEnd..;)

  4. I like the “snaking with my hormoned hands” and the play on words with “miss takes”–great response, Bjorn 🙂

  5. Delightful and charming – those foible-y passages of our youth – that eventually we can revisit and not cringe (though, for the longest time, we never thought we would be able to).

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