Relax through exhaustion

Relax by running sounds like a contradiction, but for me it’s not. When I focus on how I place my feet on the path, lift my chest and push a little extra towards the hill I feel my tensions unripple. Before I have warmed up to the rhythm of my own feet, my breath is constricted, but experience have told me that I need to get over a small barrier and just run. When sweat trickles from my back, I feel how tensions dissipate, and I imagine I could run forever.

You might think that it has be beautiful nature around me, but often this way of relaxing works better if there is a weight of fog on my shoulders. If there is a drizzle in my face, I feel how the warmth of my own body soothes and how my muscles carry me forward. Afterwards I feel empty and ready to tackle any problems or maybe even better read a book.

runner’s feet —
syncopating a woodpecker’s
teasing rhythm

The silent runner by Nathan Oliviera

The silent runner by Nathan Oliviera

A second contribution on how to relax for Haibun Monday at dVerse with Toni.

May 23, 2016

18 responses to “Relax through exhaustion

  1. I often hear of runner’s high, the natural endorphins coursing through the body and brain. And sometimes, you do have to just exhaust yourself before you can relax. I like this take on defing your own way to relax.

  2. I love how endorphins kick in and push the reset button. I, too, feel both relaxed and empowered after a good workout (though I don’t do a lot of running). Excellent.

  3. Though I’m not a runner, I really understood that focus of the foot hitting the pavement or dirt. One of the ways I can still my busy mind is to home in on a certain sensation and just stay with it. So grateful you reminded me of that.

  4. I admire runners when I do my walking, smiles ~ I specially love how it resembles a woodpecker’s teasing rhythm ~

  5. Oh, I just love the phrase “weight of fog on my shoulders”! Especially followed by “I feel how the warmth of my own body soothes and how my muscles carry me forward.” There’s a joy of pure physicality in this piece — how the mind is soothed by losing oneself in the rhythms of the body.

    And the haiku is wonderful too 🙂

  6. I don’t run but sometimes (too seldom) do yoga and the process you described is somewhat the same. Including the off-loading, an emerging at the end of it.

  7. I suppose tension sometimes makes its way into our bodies rather than our minds and being physical is one way to “dislodge” it.

  8. Nice to read this response to add to all of those so nature inspired.There is a zone I think we get into when we push ourselves physically…almost surreal. A great release of stress.

  9. Thank you for giving me vicariously an experience I don’t choose to have – but was glad to share and feel through your words.

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