13 responses to “My sacred sister spring

  1. At first I read “my being” as “be my ing” – which I LOVE. 🙂
    Love those marble lips, and this fantastic personification of spring, throughout. These are sooooooo addicting.

  2. I love this. My favorite phrasings are “you woman-girl,” “my sacred sister breeze,” “we kiss, champagne-blush,” “explore and bleed,” “embrace concrete,” and “let the secrets die.”

    My very favorite is “embrace concrete.” Such a loving word paired with hardness, a noun that connotes scraped knees and loneliness.

  3. This is even better than the previous attempt. Amazingly coherent, and with a sweet mood.

  4. I really like “perfume my being”…you are rocking these magnetic poems, Bjorn. . I tried one but not sure how to get it onto my blog…do I have to go through Facebook?

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