Veiled songs

Her song had turned monotonous

Leyla remembered the first days of excitement when Samir proposed, and she imagined the blue-skied life an ocean away.

Now an ocean separated her from family, but life was veiled in black. Their room was a thin-walled prison, with unfamiliar sounds, words she couldn’t understand; ominous echoes from outside..

“It’s all perfect, mom”, she couldn’t muster to sprinkle her voice with cheerfulness. “I’ll try to send money tomorrow”.

She looked outside for traces of a song. Just soot and nothingness.
Suddenly, a turn of keys and she prepared herself to be scolded by Samir.

© Roger Bultot

© Roger Bultot

I saw those pigeons as a monotonous song. Grey and sad.

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May 4, 2016

36 responses to “Veiled songs

  1. Morose and powerful. Well done, Bjorn. I liked the ominous echoes and the looking outside for traces of a song. Those are poetic touches

  2. Such a sad take..and yet it feels appropriate. Always a pleasure reading your way with words.

  3. It’s strange what a building and a dull sky bring to the party, love your vision on this prompt. Mike

  4. Well done, Björn. I, too, loved the line “She looked outside for traces of a song…” so lyrical.

  5. Ooohhh! That was great, Bjorn! I’m with Rochelle on that, I think it’s one of your best. So well-constructed and told more story in fewest words … wow! You see? You DID write a romantic story after all. 😀

  6. A very sad life Leyla has found after her initial hopes and excitement. And she’s keeping it inside, not even wanting to tell her mum and worry her. Great stuff!

  7. Hope and love turns to hopelessness and the new home into a prison. And the title fits perfectly. A sad and very powerful story, I love it.

  8. I think you’ve captured a sad tale brilliantly well here. Very atmospheric and full of regret and disappointment

  9. How sad for Leyla. There doesn’t seem to be a gleam of hope anywhere. You’ve shown her predicament powerfully and touchingly, Bjorn.

  10. If she came from someplace like India, she might very well feel like that. It would be such a change and she’d be homesick. Well written, Bjorn. —- Suzanne

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