inked on parch-
    white words
played, cut and hyp-
    hend bent are

still preciser
    briefer —
    sliced, de-
than my sentenced
in prose.
Today at dVerse Poetics Abhra asks us to look at our dVerse community and find a poet and write something about or inspired by what you know. You might “borrow” a line or two, but do not mentioned who it is, and please do not try to guess in the comment either. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, chose any other poet doing the same.

April 26, 2016

23 responses to “ink

  1. It is not our place to guess the subject of our piece, & for me this could be several of the poets in the dVerse pack; but regardless, as a stand alone poem it has an offbeat charm & mysterious thread, very unlike the poetics usually found here; kudos, brother.

  2. No need to worry about me guessing. I’ve been out of it for so long, I doubt I would recognize the cues. But no matter; I really like it, especially the humility of the final lines.

  3. I love that “sliced De” you slipped in.

    inked on parch = ink-ed / in-ked on porch/perch/par-ch (for sound effects) … extreme thirst, methinks
    meant = me ant
    white = we wit-hit-it

    “white word/s (the k/inky kind)
    played (splayed), cut (a couple of kinds) and hyp (hip, hype)”

    There’s also a sneaky little “hand bent our hip” hiding in there.

    still preciser = still, prey/pray/pre-kiss her; precise ear
    brie/fer = underwear … also cheese … four kinds … also fear … a fear of cheese? or a fear of underwear / under-wear? … not being worn enough; is that what the speaker is most afraid of?

    sliced = s-licked/s-liced … De … Is this when S has lice and then gives them to De? She will be so mad, with all that crazy long hair she has.

    in “deleted,” “leted” is a backwards “detail” … also let-ed … el-ted … Sylvia Plath’s husband … maybe hell-ted, which turns into halted and heal/heel Ted

    “than my sentenced” … sin, tensed … sent dance; taken with the next line, it becomes “my sentenced sins”

    pretense/prey tens
    in prose = pin/pen rose … which has to do with writing, but is also sexual … there’s also some voodoo inside those petals

    The indentations are very effective.

  4. the formatting in this!! was absolutely exquisite!! i adore the little breaks and characters that just brought out the most in your words.

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