What heaven is

Have you ever felt how cold
and damp
and filled with dread
a summer cloud can be inside? Or…
Have you ever tried
to play a harp
and felt how strings
attuned can cut like knifes? Or…
How the brightness
of a sun can
make you just as blind
as darkness of the night? That’s why…
You should be careful
what you pray for
as your wishes might come true.
So bless the firmness of the ground
the daytime clamor
and the darkest night,
cause heaven is a place on earth.

The cloud by Prince Eugen

The cloud by Prince Eugen

Today Magaly inspires us with some quotes and wisdom regarding wishes coming true at toads. I have always felt a little bit challenged by the image as a place among the clouds, and that’s where the inspiration brought me.
This is poem 22 for the month of March, so I hope to make it.

17 responses to “What heaven is

  1. I love the rhythm of your poem, and the words are so true. Everything has its light and dark side and of course me pray for the light,,,,but often receive something else,,,

  2. Oh wow. Your poem is true and brilliant in so many levels. Both the warning and the reminder: souls fight so hard to gain the heaven above that they fail to see the heaven that kisses the bottom of their feet, the one they know, the one that gives them everything…

  3. This is amazing poetry, Bjorn. You make it seem so effortless. I so admire the flow of words, the linking Or…. and the amazing conclusion.

  4. I wondered if you intended the Belinda Carlisle reference. Nice! And yes, you’re right, even the sun, a cloud, or a harp can have its down side. We should be grateful for our earthly paradise.

  5. I also have a hard time visualizing heaven like that–I believe it’s a state of being–relational. And I agree–we miss the heaven of “now” when we try to unwrap mysteries. I like this.

  6. Someday even this “heavenly” earth will be made new…and we will be changed! But I cannot picture myself playing harp…knives, really?!

  7. What is that saying – happiness is not getting what you want, its wanting what you have. Saying heaven is earth I think is equal to that. Yes.

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