It’s not the falling

If ever caught in whirls
of winds;
twisting, turning
dancing you insane,
be sure,
be warned

that when you land
to check
for ruby-slippered feet
of witches squashed.

it’s never in the flying
(nor in falling)
but in landings
that roads diverge.

The fall of Icarus by Marc Chagal

The fall of Icarus by Marc Chagal

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April 18, 2016

44 responses to “It’s not the falling

  1. Yep…that poor witch would have been fine if Dorothy’s house had just kept on flying (or even falling)…but for her, that landing really sucked!

  2. I better check:
    for ruby-slippered feet
    of witches squashed.

    Love the lesson in the landing when one is falling Bjorn ~ Have a good Monday~

  3. I really like the last stanza in this piece. It left me feeling quite hollow.
    It’s funny you should include the image of Icarus though, a friend was telling me that though we still quote ‘don’t fly too close to the sun or the heat will melt your wings’, there was a second warning, ‘don’t fly to low or over the sea or the water will weigh your wings down and you will drown’.

  4. This is wonderful! I had the feeling of being twisted and turned about as I read. And your final stanza reminded me of a line in a Chris Stapleton song called Parachute: “Falling feels like flying til you hit the ground.”

  5. It’s like the old adage/joke – it’s not the fall that kills ya, it’s that sudden stop at the end. I enjoy writes that give the old myths new life. Much enjoyed.

  6. i love the allusion and the warning in this poem – it describes the feeling of falling so well but also links it to practical application for when we metaphorically land in a new place on uncertain terms!

  7. No, it’s not in the falling but that landing that can do you in…need to check and see what you’ve landed in/on before you can rest easy. Love this, Bjorn.

  8. The last stanza is killer…in more ways than one. Flying in love, art, anyting that takes a risk – it’s the landing that gets you every time. Icarus again…such a persistent image has me wondering what is stewing in that head of yours. Excellent write. Love the imagery. I never liked Oz but this I like.

  9. I cringe a little bit about ruby slippers and such things (sharing the same Oz phobia with Toni) but the message is much freedom in flight but… look out for those landings. I especially like “Twisting, turning dancing you insane” .

  10. The fall of Icarus tends to haunt my poetry – as per my response to the sculpture ‘Fall From Grace ‘ for yesterday’s prompt. Why I don’t know. So I connect closely with this one. I like how the last line seems to pay respect to Robert Frost’s opening line …’two roads diverged in a yellow wood’…Those ruby slippers took the road less travelled and charmed generations…

  11. it’s never in the flying
    but in landings
    that roads diverge.

    It is how we land that determines success or failures. Truly said Bjorn!


  12. Today, this makes me think of someone battling a personality disorder … she’s both the witch AND Dorothy. Maybe the other characters too.

  13. Be careful where we jump, be aware of where we will land,,,Enjoyed this so much, I love myths and the way you interpret them,,,

  14. You know, I think of that tornado a lot as new weather patterns serve up more and more intense storms. Watch out for that house!

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