Three’s a crowd

Three’s what forms a crowd, it’s said
unwanted one’s unpaired from two,
You’ve never seen a threesomed bed

and marriage vows can work as glue
It’s making sense to close the door
pretend you’re sick and have the flu

your home’s a castle if you’re bored
it’s making sense to share with one
as long as you remain their lord.

and then beware, protect with guns
your property from curious guests
behind their smile are mind of Huns

and parasites much worse than pests
cause two’s enough to share a meal
and three’s a crowd to break the deal.

American Gothic by Grant Wood

American Gothic by Grant Wood

Today at toads, Hedge inspire us with the number three, and I could not refrain from being a little sarcastic today. To add to three I have written in terza rima.

25 responses to “Three’s a crowd

  1. A very lively little poem, Bjorn, and you had me smiling throughout–the form is beautifully unforced, and the march of three really illustrates the power of the number, and the way it crops up in language and life in all sorts of unexpected ways. I especially like the first and last stanzas and the way the bracket the piece. Thanks so much for participating.

  2. I read this with a grin on my face. Since my sense of humor can play card with that of a twelve-year-old boy, I was of course giggling at the last line of the first stanza… and wondering if I should search the market, just to be sure.

    Love how by the end of the poem it is obvious that three can make you magic… or just break you.

  3. Love this, and I smiled, how often have I felt “three’s a crowd” I like the rhythm of this one 🙂

  4. I love the personification of Huns you used, and I honestly like the way you delivered the message. Perhaps it is a personal preference, but it is just the way it is, I think you delivered a message, proclaimed a belief, but in a very humorous, light-hearted and non-judgemental way.

  5. I enjoyed the sharp wit in this one!
    In this life, I have almost always been the third wheel. The driver for friends with their dates. The person they invite along because they feel sorry for her. being alone.
    Also, don’t ask how I know this, but threesomes are definitely not what they’re cracked up to be in “adult” movies.
    Thanks so much for your kind words at the Poetry of the Netherworld blog.

  6. Hee-hee-hee. I enjoyed this ditty. The terza rima works well for this. Though I can think of several people who will argue with you about the threesomed bed.

  7. Nicely rhymed 🙂 Defines line of tolerance that is a little hard to digest. Funny!! it indeed is 🙂

  8. “Three’s what forms a crowd, it’s said
    unwanted one’s unpaired from two,
    You’ve never seen a threesomed bed”

    You sure? 😛

    Great rhythm and rhyme throughout.

    I hate that picture. I’ve always thought it to be absolutely hideous. 🙂

  9. This is so clever and droll and chuck-a-block full – and that Terza Rima three-line rhyming scheme form is just too brilliant (going in that direction in the first place and then pulling it off with such pluck and panache). One of your best of .this type, I think.

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