Aqua Regia

As darkly butterflied, you whispered
velvet lull in affirmations of deficiency
as ghosted winds, in scream like twisters
you broke apart the bonds, dependencies
you were my aqua regia, acid solvent
purging wedding bands, a temptress pirate
siren; rose of thorns, my last involvement.
the reason I have left you I keep private
but you were the blackholed gravitation
a crippled case of femme fatale attraction

Tilla Durieux As Circe by Franz Stuck

Tilla Durieux As Circe by Franz Stuck

Today I tend the bar at dVerse for Open Link Night. You can bring any one poem you like and present it at the bar. We open at 3 PM EST and I might be a little late. Come and enjoy with us.

This is poem 15 during April.

April 14, 2016

45 responses to “Aqua Regia

  1. Damn. This is really good, B. If I made a favorites list, every phrase would be on it. Very sexy. You love this one, don’t you? I know you’re proud of this piece. I can feel it.

  2. Sometimes I run across a poem that I have to read aloud because the words just “taste” good, feel good. This is one of those. Of course, I want to read the back story. Perhaps you will write a short story?

  3. ‘As darkly butterflied’ is Gothic,as is ‘scream like twisters’. But what really did it for me was the ‘crippled case of femme fatale attraction’. I love the wordplay!

  4. I love how you tossed descriptions and epitomes like juggling knives. I really also loved the image you decided to share with the poem, I could not help but imagine the protagonist of your verse exactly as the lad of the painting.

  5. you spin words exquisitely; i didn’t read this poem out loud but i can taste the words rolling around in my mouth, and the selective repetition is aesthetically pleasing.

  6. I love that first sentence. I’m a total sucker for words used in unusual wards… Oh, to verb a butterfly. And the way your poem goes from the softness of butterfly whispers to acid is just powerful (and telling).

    The chosen artwork is quite fantastic, too! ♥

  7. What a wicked temptress indeed – and I love your use of symbols there (Circe indeed, casting her evil spell on Ulysees). I particularly like the way you used ‘butterflied’ and ‘ghosted’ as verbs.

  8. One thing, I have grown to love, about your poetry, Bjorn, is the unique metaphors, used throughout your verses. Something, I need to do more of.

  9. My favorite lines by you:

    acid solvent
    purging wedding bands, a temptress pirate
    siren; rose of thorns, my last involvement.

    Very surrealism of poetry you produce.
    Your way of writing has always put a smile on my face.

    Brilliant poem my friend. 🙂

  10. sometimes we find our souls have eyes and noses too, and these inner senses that we follow all the way through to these points of no return we seem to recall only when abyss leaping then falling … in love of course …and that is such a beautiful alchemy for a poem … un molto bello poema signor Brudberg

  11. This took me right into a dark noir trysting. So vivid!
    “the reason I have left you I keep private
    but you were the blackholed gravitation”
    Had to read it 3 times.

  12. Oh how the words tango in this. Aqua regia – the antithesis of the sorcerer’s stone…such a temptress as can dissolve vows – and to use butterfly as a verb…I like that muchly. Instead of flower petals skipping in the breeze, I can now say they butterfly for that is more apt. Ienjoyed reading this so much I had to read it several times.

  13. dark and mysterious much like a need to watch out for the path of destruction. It’s been awhile since I’ve read your work. You still dance on that dark side 🙂

  14. Wow, man, a poem a day, & your Muses(s) are still fecund & verbose, sensual & mysterious. Every line in the poem has been singled out. I had picked out the /acid solvent/purging wedding bands/ lines. Before reading the comments, I took the metaphor to imply a failed love, & your angst & anger; cool ride, brother.

  15. This is sooooo dark! “Deficiency as ghosted winds”….I’m still mulling these words over in my mind. “Ghosted winds” conjures up swirling, dark shadows….. This is indeed on the dark side, Bjorn. And you color it so well.

  16. Not sure where to start with great phrases in this…there are just too many! Acid that dissolves gold is a great metaphor for unfaithfulness.

  17. Bjorn, you started the OLN intro over at dVerse with a short video of Richard Burton. Glorious though his voice is, I couldn’t see why. NOW, having read your poem, I understand. Your words awaken, flow and resonate. I should love to hear RB reading your beautiful poem.
    PS, I am envious of your skill with metaphor.

  18. There is both contradiction and consistency in this. I love your choice of phrases, especially the “rose of thorns.” Not a rose with thorns, but of thorns. It gives the impression that you should have seen the problem if only you’d wanted to.

  19. the blackholed gravitation
    a crippled case of femme fatale attraction

    What a shame! She had to fend for herself. Sometimes ladies ask for it and it would take some time to recover!


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