Playing with fire

Backdraught fire
flies as your fire-
works ablaze my heart.

A fire-
crackered you
you jellyfish my skin.

A playthinged me
for you somewhere
between my heartbeats
supernova left
with backbone arched.

Witches Spitting Fire by Joseph Beuys

Witches Spitting Fire by Joseph Beuys

Kerry wants us to use compound nouns to create new poetry at toads. I’m still behind on my my NaPoWriMo, but so far I’m at number 4.

April 6, 2016

24 responses to “Playing with fire

  1. I’m liking this, Bjorn. Perhaps it the Firebug part of me? I also like your fire-eater girls picture. I never did try that but I did do the ‘sword through the throat’ trick.

  2. I love the three ‘fire’ words and how they offset one another. The last stanza takes me to a whole new place.

  3. I was just listening to Maggie May on the ride home in the car and this song has some of that same feel – of a lover just exploding and changing someone’s world, leaving them worn and weary in the aftermath.

  4. “playthinged” the poor dear; and she witched her way out crouching;
    you are best rid of her!!

    thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love…

  5. I just love “jellyfished” and “playthinged” used as verbs, and the way in which you use them. The poem leaves me wanting to know more about a subject that made a speaker feel so many things, and give so much…

  6. For some reason, I think of G.M. Hopkins’ refreshing word spins. The winning word must be ‘jellyfish’ – flopped over into a verbal status. Awesome.

  7. Hard to be so erotic so well, Bjorn–the fire words here are just blazing off the page and you lose no intimacy even with all the explosive lines. Loved it.

  8. Beautiful! As always you take words and told them into powerful emotions! I think my favourite is the first stanza, which could also stand amazingly on its’ own (in my not so humble opinion). Just wonderful!

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