Cinderella’s selfie

Selfied, Instagrammed,
photoshopped herself
from mobile home to
Paradise Hotel.

Prince Handsome
his rippled sixpack,
hunks as Midnight
tweets goodbye.

Eloping Cinderella leaves, but
traced in IP-numbered
Facebook updates, she is
stalked by Handsome, found
and Bigbrothered bare.

Headlined married,
not happy ever after all, and

Cinderella ponders
if a boob.job would have
at all.

Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream Thomas Kinkade

Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream Thomas Kinkade

Izy want us to blend worlds at toads, and my thoughts went to selfies and Cinderella, blending fairy tales and reality shows, Maybe they are the same though so I might not have met the challenge completely.

March 18, 2016

17 responses to “Cinderella’s selfie

  1. This reads like a social commentary on 21st Century relationships, where love of self trumps all, and stalking is the name of the game. Sad but true. Well done for taking us there.

  2. This is such a clever piece and definitely perfect commentary on modern society. Thank you for sharing!

  3. ah yes, the classic tale of a girl and the power of insensible shoes. I really enjoyed your take on a more modern minded cinderella and some of the obstacles he’d face if she had to walk out of the fairy tale. Thanks so much for participating and viva la!!!

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