The waste of sunshine
shadowed and
watered grins
in emptiness of words:

“How do you feel today?”

As watercolors blended
into brown
are pigmentation wasted.

“Have a nice day”

As if nice are smilies left
in a message flashing

“Can we just be friends?”

The shadow by Kay Nielsen

The shadow by Kay Nielsen

The bar is open at dVerse for the fourth Quadrille. The word is grin.

28 responses to “Wasted

  1. I love the idea of tending grins as we must flowers, lest they wither away. And yes, I too get so frustrated about wasted paint. 😦

  2. I specially admire the opening with: The waste of sunshine ~

    Too bad on the ending ~ And I agree, too many shallow & empty greetings around ~ Thanks for hosting Bjorn ~

  3. It amuses me that none of us have used the word as expected so far. I really like where you took it and:

    As watercolors blended
    into brown
    are pigmentation wasted.

    I know so well how to do that! Perfect metaphor.

  4. I loath “have a nice day”. I feel it’s as true a wish as when someone automatically says “God bless you” upon a sneeze. is a true a blessing from the speaker – just words.

  5. I think sometimes things that people say that seem trivial are just attempts to be friendly, and we should not judge them too harshly for their attempts.

  6. Empty shallow platitudes, like today’s “Wassup?” have always left me cold, but actually, what the hell are you going to say as a greeting–did your wife let you out of the house wearing that tie–do you realized you missed some spots while shaving–why so serious? A bit of a conundrum.

  7. I like the reference to water colors growing murky, as to all the empty greetings to have a nice day that is wished on you everywhere you go. However, what else could you say, without getting a lot of information you don’t really want to hear? Very good, Bjorn!

  8. I just love “As watercolors blended
    into brown
    are pigmentation wasted.” and wasted sunshine…love the imagery in your poem, Bjorn!
    “How are you?” is another one that irks me…I mutter under my breath when the person says it in passing by quickly “Do you really want to know?”

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