7 responses to “Stare freed

  1. Oh, man. Excuse me, while I just live right here, for a little while:
    “in id-
    led linge-


    Heavens. So much, right there. I.D.-led, idled, id-led (think Freud)…then that “led linge” — there’s a lunge there, too. The lingering of the word…then falling into red. Fantastic. Hyphens, how I love thee.

  2. I just can’t get over the notion of a stare, freed. That’s when someone can’t take their eyes off of you, but then you free them. How fascinating. How would one even do that? Stop being something he wants to look at, I guess. Doing something mean? Then of course, there’s a “star, freed” in there as well. I’ve never thought of a star as being imprisoned, but it is, isn’t it? Trapped in the sky like that. Or maybe it’s a famous person … a singer or actor. Even though it must be a brilliant sort of life, certainly it’s a prison as well. To be watched and judged over your every move. Surely it hurts and you can’t help but want to crawl in a hole sometimes. And that’s just what I see in the title! 🙂

    Oh how I love that “reed stir” you drew out.

    There’s also a “stare/stair pony” and a “freed stir pony.” Free to be stirred, free from being stirred, or free to (or to not) stir? So many possibilities here. Fed by stirs. Like a baby, with a tiny spoon. And she’s being tailed; I love that! Like tracked, but also like a variation of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”

    “told in id” … Fantastic. You totally set that next bit to almost say “told in id-led linguistics.” (My favorite class in college, surprise, surprise.)

    “red robin’s glee, dead” … That breaks my heart, but it’s so true. It’s just this awful cycle. It’s followed by “killded songs” … Like the way a toddler might speak, saying “killded” instead of “killed” or “dead.” Her glee is dead. Her songs are dead. All she has left is her red.

    Now in “thistled,” I see “thigh street-led.” (tee hee)

    Well thanks a lot. Now I’m kind of depressed. 😉

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