Underneath the smooth-
ness of his new Armani suit
lurks decay
Underneath his promises
corruption rots.

His voice is luminous,
lustred, laced with lies.
“I respect your choice”,
But underneath,

his sheen is dulled
by verdigris corrosion.
He pushes closer, pushes, pushes
underneath he snakes his hands.

His rapture; her defeat
is underneath his weight
and afterwards he leaves
her blistered blue.

the smoothness of his new
Armani suit corruption dwells.

Tang dynasty temple guard

Tang dynasty temple guard

Magaly Guerrero asks us at toads to use the following quote, from Terry Pratchett’s Carpe Jugulum, as a foundation: “Don’t trust the cannibal just ’cos he’s usin’ a knife and fork!”. I will also link to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

February 3, 2016

38 responses to “Underneath

  1. Yikes–I have a villanelle a bit like this, actually. Scary, and awful to contemplate but very effectively presented! Thanks for your sweet comment by me, Bjorn. Take care, k.

  2. Such wonderfully terrifying images! You can see the rot leaking out of the exquisite fabric, the perfectly manicured hands strangling the snake of the unaware.

    Love this, Björn!

  3. Bjorn, I like the spin of greed and corruption being the cannibal. This poem is written with a exacting word choice to tell a violent and cautionary tale. Thanks so much for posting!

  4. This really delivers the idea of a lurking evil beneath a shining exterior. Creepy, but an uncomfortable reality.

  5. That suit is so familiar..sometimes we get lured and fooled into it as all dances with the devil are initially appealing but ultimately empty and soul destroying..expertly penned and the sculpture is equally chilling

  6. “her defeat
    is underneath his weight/wait”

    Quite brilliant, really.

    This is a phrase I’ll be hard-pressed to ever forget: “blistered blue.”

  7. Ha. …from other side they might trying to balance the inner world with outerwear…and in this way – they are very balanced people…lol, forgive me my fantasy…~ cool response to the prompt!

  8. Bjorn,
    Having read your poem this evening, I can see a similiar theme with my own poem subject. The corruption of celebrity, truths etc. The veneer of the suit and the glossy exterior; while all the while within, it’s not quite as nice, neat and morally correct. All suit, not much else!! Enjyed this very much..

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