From sulking waves —
in aftermath of words,
I’m left

Once before we
weaved the seas.

We whispered tender words.

Waiting –
lulled complacent
we never saw

we weren’t prepared
for rain
for storm of syllables.

and shipwrecked
afterwards apart
we’re left

Marooned by Howard Pyle

Marooned by Howard Pyle

Linked to dVerse where we do quadrille… 44 words including the word lull… come join us.

February 8, 2016

25 responses to “Marooned

  1. Words cannot be retracted. A sorry state when one loses sight of the important things and lashes out. Being marooned is a sad end!

  2. Really clever wordplay throughout, like after/words and afterwards. Also the moron/marooned play. There’s some red coloring in there too maybe. The play on “waves.”

    I love never-saw as a verb, meaning something like, we saw never(land).

  3. This is powerful. The line that spoke to me was “dulled / we never saw.” It is a sad thing when we become so complacent that we don’t see those around us and cease to care. Peace, Linda

  4. I love the sulking waves & this part:

    we weren’t prepared
    for rain
    for storm of syllables.

    Thanks for the challenge Bjorn ~

  5. A terrific parable, clever & too true; sounds like this was their second try at a relationship; never a good idea–& after the split there is the dull lull of being unmoored; good one, brother.

  6. A nice creation. Yes, in some contexts ‘lulled’ can too easily slip into ‘dulled’.

  7. ah the power of words……relationships sail or die on them….excellent take on the word “lull.” Really liked the prompt, Bjorn!

  8. Very good imagery with the waves. I can imagine the couple, like the waves crashing and clashing, then ebbing, then crashing again, until the final breaking apart on the rocks.

  9. Excellent prompt and example of quadrille…thanks, Bjorn! We become complacent (lulled to dull) and don’t see the storm coming…wild syllables can be fatal to relationships.

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