An itch between my toes

There are days
I feel an itch between my toes
as if webbing has begun to grow.

There are days
I feel my voice is sound of water
splashing in the ancient pond.

There are days
I feel my gaze go skyward
in fear of talons from the sky.

There are days
I cannot quite decide between
water and the sand.

There are days
I feel the moist softness
of princess lips

There are days
I know, I will be born a frog
if I can muster up

an appetite for flies.

Pine Barren Tree Frog II.294 (From Endangered Species Suite) by Andy Warhol

Pine Barren Tree Frog II.294 (From Endangered Species Suite) by Andy Warhol

Today it’s Abhra’s turn to be behind the counter at dVerse Poetics, he will share some poetry by Jibananada Das, that gives inspiration to ponder up the question on how we think (or would like to be born as)… I started to think about frogs, and started out thinking about webbed feet.

January 2, 2016

31 responses to “An itch between my toes

  1. As always, sir, a remarkable perspective… Often thought I’d wabt to be a swallow, but their beautiful diving and swooping is all about eating fly and gnats… an acquired taste for sure! Nice write.

  2. I love this. I’ve read it so many times already. I can’t tell you how clever I find this poem to be. Your repeated line appears six times, the number of Creation days. The speaker is playfully wishing he were created something else, but ultimately he knows he wouldn’t be able to go through with it. That last line says it all. He doesn’t truly want this.

    If the reader is dyslexic, she might see “wedding” in “webbing,” which adds very interesting layers to this. Also, if she were prone to seeing words within words (as in “skyward” and “water and the sand,” she might she something completely different than anyone else. But I’ll spare you my nonsense.

  3. This really is an inspired poem! Very clever. You have caught so many different characteristics of being a frog & turned them inward. Ha, laughed about the princess lips…every frog’s dream, I think. Smiles.

  4. Such fun poem this is….I truly like frogs and toads of all sizes, colors, types…Interesting creatures. Their songs just make me smile. Good choice! May a beautiful and curious princess come your way Sir Frog!

  5. I LOVE this! The possibilities are endless! I especially love the willingness to develop an appetite for flies….LOL. Nice to not have high expectations, it avoids disappointment. Smiles. Mind you, a poet-frog would be quite an amazement to those nearby!!!!!!

  6. I hear a lot of times how ‘moist’ is one of the most hated/thought ugly words, but I think the reviewers did not read your poetry 🙂

  7. Smiling – I really enjoyed this as I was waiting for the princess to kiss the frog…would she turn into a frog or he a prince… know I like fantasy.

  8. I love it Bjorn & yes I can see the famous Basho line there ~ What a choice, either land or water, smiles ~ I think I will go for a dragonfly in the next life 🙂

  9. This is a treat to read. I was reminded, actually, of a girl (a rather moody/brooding girl, or so it seemed to me) that I knew once. She actually had web toes (it was the most entertaining thing about her, as I recall.) All these years later, I find myself wondering what her mind did with that … and – as was thinking along those lines, when I got to the close – I laughed out loud. (I think it was visions of frog tongues catching flies that did it.) Ha!

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