16 responses to “Exploring priorities

    • PS I remember a mountain climber telling me that getting down again is much harder than getting up.

  1. What a terrifying opening:
    “The explorer cutting
    paths through thigh-cuts”

    Then I see “swearing at Mosk-itoes” … In other words, the speaker is swearing at God and all those in religious authority. Perhaps he wants answers or different outcomes.

    “ambition” = “am-bit-ion” … Bitten by the mosquitoes? But what do they represent? Could be any number of things sucking his life/energy/will/purpose away.

    “wearing his ambition
    tight” … What an interesting section. The meaning, but also the line break and hanging one-word line. Somehow, “tight” is the centerpiece, the point of greatest meaning. First of all, it sounds like “tied.” Maybe it’s just a really tight suit. Trendy. Fancy. Now I’m imagining him as a businessman who has thrown himself into his work for so many years that perhaps he’s all but lost his family. I hope it isn’t really too late for him. Sometimes it takes getting bitten, or eaten, to make someone realize the importance and value of what he already has. Jobs, like mosquitoes, can really suck the life-blood out of people.

  2. The good thing about exploring is to continually strive to go forward and not to re-track back. Only then value added elements take shape. Rightly so Bjorn!


  3. Tight clothes (ambition) and mosquitoes means lots of bites.
    Best mark the way he came or he won’t be back in time, if ever, for antivirus meds.
    It was a fun poem, Bjorn.

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