Call at your expense

We dance ourselves in greed around
these golden malls.
We worship clothes, designer brands
expenses call.
We dance ourselves in greed around
this burdened soil
We claim democracy was bought
to burn this oil.
Sashay around and carbonize
this fuming ash to darken skies.

Triptych - the middle part by Jacek Yerka

Triptych – the middle part by Jacek Yerka

This is my contribution for the First Quadrille at dVerse.. The prompt is open, and the challenge to write in 44 words using the word dance as verb including an object.

January 18. 2015

28 responses to “Call at your expense

  1. Mall poetry & philosophy; quite the achievement. I am find that rhyme is prevalent on the trail–I stuck with free verse. I liked your lines /we claim democracy was bought/to burn this oil/.

  2. The dance of greed……..sad indeed. But I do love to sashay a bit! 🙂 Love that word. Haven’t thought of it in many years. Thanks for the memory 🙂

  3. We dance ourselves in greed alright ~ I admire the rhyming verses and irony of coming darkening skies ~ Thanks for hosting Bjorn ~

  4. Oooh….love it…..thought-provoking AND brilliantly crafted. Besides which, I also happen to completely adore Jacek Yerka. He is a genius.

  5. Yes young people succumbed to the greed of the sellers often not buying the school books that the money was meant for. Btw forgot about the middle part in Hank’s posting. Hoping it’s ok!


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  7. It’s got to be difficult to write in rhyme when limited to 44 words–you’ve done it so well, and brought forth your message as well. A success, Bjorn.

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