To heliotrope

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To heliotrope

Sunshine glockenspiel
wields incense of rose and sends,
pretends, when from the eaves
the winter leaves in rivulets.

I’m let to turn and as I squint
for hint of early spring
I heliotrope,
and hope to cope, to thaw
when winter bites again.

Inspired by the visual art and videos of Maria Wulf in Margaret’s prompt at toads. Heliotrope is a mechanism for flowers to turn and face the sun. In spring when the first sun is out you might see Swedes just standing lapping the first precious rays. There is also a wonderful word in Swedish called dagsmeja, which is when the daylight sun makes the sun melt.

January 15, 2016

12 responses to “To heliotrope

  1. Your word play is delicious and thank you, for sharing the Swedish word and meaning of heliotrope…I too, heliotrope in spring sun. Wonderful poetic take for this artistic clip! 🙂

  2. love the essence of flow in this poem. how the rhyme carries the reader onward, just as the wind carries time and the plants and ice that come and go in between.

  3. Oh, my goodness. The word sounds in here have me dizzy with delight. I truly do love words, and you have hand-picked some incredible sounds to create this beauty. Thank you.

  4. Nice Bjorn, I like it. Do you think the “Sunshine glockenspiel” is dependable?
    Ours is not, it tells when it wants, some days never. I can identify with the melting ice as we had a lot of that in Nebraska where I grew up.

  5. Really gorgeous! My only negative critique is you didn’t record this in your beautiful voice. To hear it with your “accent” would be stunning for this plain sounding (American) English speaking girl to hear.

  6. Wonderful rhyme in this – and thanks for the intro to heliotrope. The piece was a real treat … just spot on hit the mark, for me. I have seen many harsh winters over the years. That, the words you chose and the chuckle of humor – it all comes together so comfortably.

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