When carefully collected, pain
    and tears are rain.
cumulonimbus in your eyes
    as heroes die.
When eternity is gone
    in sooty dawn
we sleeplessly despair, despond.
The stars look different today
there is a coldness in the air
and tears are rain as heroes die in sooty dawn.

Requiem by Konstantin Yuon

Requiem by Konstantin Yuon

Today at dVerse De is handling MTB at dVerse with a form that was new for me. The Ovillejo. I tried to do it in meter, but there is no real requirement for that. Hope to see you at the bar when it opens at 3 PM EST.

January 14, 2016

29 responses to “Requiem

  1. I like the way you constructed this poem, Bjorn. Not easy not only to do the form but to add meter as well. And the comparison of tears to rain is very apt.

  2. You worked wonders on the lines that I didn’t see it as a form first ~ The opening lines are amazing and sets the somber tone of your poem ~

  3. It seems a week for requiems, first Bowie and now Alan Rickman. Your words have struck a chord with me, and I can’t help tearing up.

  4. This is lovely. Looking forward to trying my hand at this form…I hope that I can do half as well at tying up that last line as you did in this.

  5. Powerful, passionate message, lovely lament wrapped in Ovillejo; another winner, brother. I. too, liked the /eternity is gone/soot=dawn lines.

  6. With the slightly longer lines and sombre tone, you show us that the Ovillejo works for serious topics as well. Particularly appreciate the tribute to my musical hero.

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