A persistent itch

The persistent itch of his nicotine patch was almost worse than being cramped in coach.

Allen traveled light: one carry-on with toothbrush and underwear was sufficient. Inventions and ideas carried in his mind only needed cigarettes and coffee to bloom.

He had bought a one way ticket to the sun. The Valley has the perfect climate to make his dreams come true.

“I will return in private jet”, Allen glanced across the Tarmac, “it’s the only way to get a smoking seat nowadays”.

“Sand Hill Road”, he told the cab driver.

Sometimes big inventions grow from just a persistent itch.

The picture of the corporate jet brought back the story of an investor that I once knew, who had bought himself a jet for the purpose of being able to smoke on the flight. For those that has not heard it, Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, CA has offices for many venture companies. Hope my story make sense.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful community of bloggers who write 100 words to the same picture every week under the supervision of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Having written more or less every week for the past 3 years I feel right at home here, and I think my writing has improved in the company of all the excellent writers there. I try to read as many as possible every week, and also leaving a comment. I hope you do not hesitate to point out errors or suggestions on how to improve my story…

January 6, 2015

52 responses to “A persistent itch

  1. Excellent as ever, Bjorn.
    If I had to crit this, I’d suggest that his thoughts/words re the private jet are slightly stiff.
    But they do not detract from the overall tale.

  2. Beautifully written as always, but I can’t get my head around how wasteful this person is, not only smoking his own lungs, but the rest of the world with luxury flight exhaust. 🙂 C– Without the comment I wouldn’t have known what Sand Hill road is. At first I wondered, should I know about this Allen, and what did he invent?

  3. I put a beer label on my forehead once to see if it would help me get through a sobriety checkpoint. Someone should have told me, the patch only works if you take a cab.

  4. Ha! Your story made me laugh. I bet having your own jet is the only way to smoke on a fight. He’ll need to get his restaurant too and his own bar!

  5. Interesting that the guy’s addiction to smoking requires a patch while flying — as in…perhaps a chain smoker which in turn would create run-on sentences? 🙂 I can just see his nicotine stained fingers holding a leaking black pen, scribbling away in a notebook in a haze of smoke. The creative process, as different as there are creative people! Nice take.

  6. There is wonderful depth and dimension to this story, Björn; I really enjoyed it! Note: 3rd comment from the bottom should have the word “a”: I will return in A private jet” 😉 Wonderful!

  7. Love it. Re the missing “a” – perhaps he is an immigrant yet to master the language?
    I had to google for the relevance of the street address – learn something new each week.
    Nice blog design.

  8. You gave a good explanation of your story, Bjorn, so I understood. I wondered what kind of plane that was. Now I know. It’s really fantastic to buy a place just to be able to smoke on a flight. Good and interesting story. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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