I miss the songs

I miss the music, and the way we laughed
before they came, when only wine was red.
I miss the innocence with friends, the draught
of beer we shared before the blood was shed.
On cobblestones still wet, we cry revenge!
we put our hope in bombs, to maim and kill.
I miss a world where we enjoyed what’s French,
where Paris was a place of joy and frills
of night: where smiles were not for muzzle flames
A town where men could flirt with bashful dames.

La Goulue Arriving at the Moulin Rouge with Two Women by  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

La Goulue Arriving at the Moulin Rouge with Two Women by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

A second entry for dVerse Poetics. Just my heart going out to something that is lost (at least for the time being).

November 17, 2015

19 responses to “I miss the songs

  1. Oh this is powerful, Bjorn. I wonder if we will ever again find the joy and innocence inflicted such deep wounds on our souls. Something that is hard if not impossible to forgive and forget… At least not forget. The way you used sensory detail to express this is so effective.

  2. Beautifully expressed Bjorn. I too hope that Paris recovers, I’m sure she will. I have been there twice, many years ago, let’s raise a glass of French champagne for those lost souls.

  3. Wow, Bjorn! This really IS good. Yes, I do hope that this Paris returns…and will not remain a memory. Paris is alive, vibrant. And yes, I like to remember the red wine….and hope there is no more red blood. Really I think the two poems you wrote for this prompt are among my favorites! I was moved by both.

  4. I think of all the times of war, pain, sadness Paris and the French have experienced through the years. I admire how they always rise up and embrace the light of their city, their legacy. Strong resilient people and I think they will come back, stronger than ever and knowing what a precious thing that was tried to be taken away from them.

  5. Bjorn, this is an amazing poem and I hope Paris recovers and once again sings. So many lost souls that now need rest. This is a beautiful heartfelt tribute.

  6. We are so used to peace that violence shocks us and yet many live with constant violence and often because of the actions of our Governments. What happened in Paris happens every day in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and many other places. One of the positive things I have seen in social media is that people are becoming aware that the tragedy of Paris is not unique to Paris and that is the greatest tragedy of all.

  7. I’ve been writing about blood on the pavement too – and really resonate to your image, “before they came, when only wine was red.” As long as we can write and speak about these horrors we can live through them somehow.

  8. This makes me think of teenaged girls reminiscing over their younger days, before they got their periods. 🙂

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