Travel Fever

My fever smells of leather, ail-
ment: spells of weather, rivers,
slept in tents. Through hail,
I left my comfort; shiver
with clouds of summits
and on roads not taken
finding streams to plummet
into ice-cold water, wakened
dive, find me a reason,
seasoned lightly, be alive.

Crimea Mountains by  Ivan Bilibin

Crimea Mountains by Ivan Bilibin

Today we have a guestblogger at dVerse who inspire us to think about travel, and the anticipation that’s built into that… Like the word resfeber (coming from Swedish) that translates to travel-fever. Something that make me think about out mountains here in Sweden. Pub opens at 3 PM EST.

November 4, 2015

20 responses to “Travel Fever

  1. I really enjoyed this Bjorn. It has a steampunk, romantic 19th century explorer feel to it. The illustration suits perfectly.

  2. I love the travel fever, that drives one to sleep in tents and go to roads not yet taken ~ Indeed one feels alive when one is travelling deep into nature ~

  3. I agree with Suzanne – a steampunk feeling. It may be hard to believe, but in my salad days I did wilderness hiking and camping, even during cold winter! I loved it. Even did some cross country skiing. This reminded of those glorious mornings when the air was cold and sweet and coffee was the sweetest perfume as the pot sat on the fire. Excellent job!

  4. I just traveled through the mountains in storm, catching my breath at the vista around every corner……so I know the lure of the “clouds of summits”. Beautiful, kiddo.

  5. Yes, travel fever and exposure to raw elements gives good reasons to be alive! This poem is disciplined…like a climber of rocky heights.

  6. I love the smell of travel fever – for it definitely has one – at least traveling and camping outdoors does: sun on canvas, kerosene lanterns, mosquito repellent (yuck!), freshly dug dirt, dried fruit and yes, leather hiking boots. Wonderful old earthy scents that reconnect us back to the land.

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