What a Sunday walk can do

With words, their weapons sharp, they challenge truth
they let us breathe the brimstone fumes (their views)
they pick the facts apart, misusing youth-
full energy, they poison food and news.
And slowly we are changing, slip, transform
our souls, their scripted virus poison our veins.
I hear my voice repeating hate, the storm
of practiced fiction, brushstrokes deep with blame.
But if I take a walk, expand my lungs with air
I forget their news, a path alone for nature’s flair.

It’s been a long while since I did a Sunday Whirl, but this week I make an effort, with this little decastich.

October 18, 2015

17 responses to “What a Sunday walk can do

  1. In the middle, I see this brilliance hiding:
    “And slowly we are changing, slip-transform our veins.”

    The full poem, just as it is, is excellent. And I agree; nature is the best way to combat all the “news” that makes us feel sick.

    And YES, they do poison our food just as much as our news. I love that part.

  2. Sounds awfully like the state of U.S. politics. I would certainly like to walk away from that foolishness. Trouble is, when I come back, those tin horns are still there!
    This was fine work, thought provoking and inspiring, reminding the reader not to get lost in the quagmire that is the state of current affairs.

    poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

  3. Yes, hell yes, brother, clear the air, clear your fevered brow, walk it off & kick back with powerful poetics; slick use of the word prompt–made me want to jump in too.

  4. Hey Björn, this is a thought provoking piece here. I can sense the frustration and conflict from the get go. But I love how you taper it off in the end with a nice walk of fresh air! Yes! That sounds absolutely awesome.


  5. This could apply to so much in the world. We are a troublesome breed of animal aren’t we? It is a pity we are so inventive to go with our stupidity.

  6. It is so very easy to get swept along in thought – we are bombarded with what we should think every minute of the day – a strong and creative mind takes a breath and maybe even picks up a pen!

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