Your evening gown

Trickling softness of your evening gown
a riptide round your feet; your gaze
awaiting tongues of transient waves —
his hands. the lapping lullabies

a riptide round your feet, your gaze
is crusted brine and selkie’s songs
ruffling tresses as you dance

awaiting tongues of transient waves
to carry you across the bay, to merge —
embrace your water-lover, seek

his hands. the lapping lullabies
of waves, your evening gown of skin
and harmonies of transient waves.

The Evening Gown by Henri Magritte

The Evening Gown by Henri Magritte

Today Mary introduce us to the Trimeric form at dVerse MTB, and as usual I go surrealistic, I think it lends itself well to form. Join us for more fun at the bar, it opens at 3PM EST as usual.
I can also take the possibility to announce a little bit on a book-project that is getting close to conclusion. Fifteen short stories set in one building in Stockholm written by me and 14 other authors. We hope that the release party can be held in Stockholm, November 7.


October, 8 2015

32 responses to “Your evening gown

  1. I can sense the connection between the sea and the evening gown & enjoyed the very sensual wordings such as ‘harmonies of transient waves.’ Excellent photo to use as inspiration!

  2. I like how you use the water imagery in your poem, Björn. You might be writing about a mermaid. Great news regarding the book! Are all the stories in Swedish?

  3. Love the use of riptide for the dress around the feet – the water imagery all the way through is very nice, and it gives an interesting sense of movement as well.I have such an intimate relationship with water as well that it adds to nicely.

    Congrats on the inclusion in the book bjorn.

  4. Bjorn! Congratulations on the book!

    And this was just effortless and beautiful, like that dress pooling at her ankles.

  5. Smooth as black silk on the nightgown of riptide; always love it when you wax surrealism. Add my congrats on the book. It is good to have a talent for marketing as well as talent for writing. The sensual aspects of your piece really stirred me up, reminding me that life begins in the sea & in the womb floating in salty brine. I like the line /your gaze/is crusted brine & selkie’s songs/.

  6. Love the evening gown of skin ~ Also I admire the softness and sensuality of the form Bjorn ~

    and congrats on the publication of the stories ~

  7. This is really beautifully written, Bjorn. I am not familiar with the form, but love the touches of repetition.

  8. Made me think of a mermaid too. Very sensuous write, Bjorn…I love your choice of words…the evening gown of riptide at your feet…beautiful. And congratulations on your upcoming writing endeavor!

  9. I love the beauty in this piece. Always a pleasure reading you.

    By the way, congrats for the book 🙂

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