How to wrap my words

In gold of dawn, when ink was river’s stream
floating merrily among the silver trees
verdancy of birches was sunlit dream
But autumn comes with fading memories
of diamond waterdrops, of sunlight gleam
shimmering cerulean, a glimpse of sea.
Around my words a golden ribbon tied
a poet’s humble gift unleashed from pride.

 Spring Day by Pyotr Konchalovsky

Spring Day by Pyotr Konchalovsky

Today Abhra wants us to capture the gifts poet’s can give to the world, come and read also the wonderful poem by Tagore he will share. Bar opens at 3PM EST, but do not forget we also have a haibun Monday at dVerse.

October 6, 2015

20 responses to “How to wrap my words

  1. This is beautiful. I love the image of ink flowing through silver trees, the phrase “shimmering cerulean,” and the closing line. I’m always drawn to the word “leash,” and all of its cousins. So from this, I take away the idea that we can just remove the leash that binds us to pride as our master; only then do we really have anything worth offering. There is no greater gift than a humble spirit, and the words that go along with it, if you have them — which you, of course, do.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, you are the gift to us at dVerse, your leadership, humility, & talent is the stuff that binds us together; nice Ottava Rimi, all the special phrases already selected out by the others.

  3. I specially admire: when ink was river’s stream & sunlit dream ~

    You have the poet’s words Bjorn ~ Love the form too ~

  4. Perhaps that golden thread is that bit of sunlight
    always there, making its way through – even when the weather
    turns, and we turn.

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