Mind the social gap

Purple needle marks —
a reaper’s trail on Cinderella’s arm.
You may kiss her splitted lips, lick the lye,
for soot and sins:
but no more pennies for your thoughts
Welcome to reality:
Burning ferris-wheels and slaughterhouse delight:
where magicians carve the carcasses
to fill her bottom-line,
subsidising horse-meat TV-dinners
and mind the social gap.

This is exactly 55 words for Kerry’s prompt at toads, it’s loosely inspired by Dismaland. I also link up to Poetry Pantry.

September 6, 2015

37 responses to “Mind the social gap

  1. What a bleak world where profit, personal and otherwise is our driving force. The Ferris wheel slaughter house is a very apt image.

  2. I admire how you’ve managed to include so many vivid and compelling images into the 55. Much meaning is built into this. The effect is of a longer poem. Very nice job.
    Steve K

  3. This was great in its sadness. Hits much closer to home than you will ever know.

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. The poem provides a very valid social commentary (as is the case in Dismaland) for those who care to see it. Your phrasing and sense of timing is impeccable, Bjorn.

  5. A powerful title – a powerful poem..all too often those track marks are judged and scorned..but we all deserve/d to be princes/princesses – cared, treasured and provided for

  6. I remember the subway in London (The Tube?) and the recorded voice to “mind the gap”. I loved the terminology and a like what you have here. Yes, we need to mind the social gap, widening by the day.

  7. this poem sent my mind into so many directions in terms of how out of whack our modern world is today.

    love how your words can be interpreted in so many different ways, that is the magic of your poetry!

  8. Brutally honest and powerfully intense.

    I love the lines you wrote here:

    Burning ferris-wheels and slaughterhouse delight:
    where magicians carve the carcasses
    to fill her bottom-line,

    I can envision your own interpretation of this poem,
    coming to life with so much realism and horror. I love your poem my friend. 🙂

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