Tepid gravy

Hiss and chunk-chunk
bellows working
hesitant with oxygen in plastic tubes
skin to skin with latex-gloves between,

Inhale-exhale, LED-displayed
I see the needle’s eye.

Spoon by spoon
potatoes drenched in gravy
sticking to my chin.

“He doesn’t recognize my voice”

I see those eyes,
think of salt and morphine.

Warmth is slipping
tepid gravy in my mouth.

Study for the last supper -  Judas by Leonardo da Vinci

Study for the last supper – Judas by Leonardo da Vinci

Envisioning my last supper in a prompt by Corey at toads.

August 27, 2015

16 responses to “Tepid gravy

  1. while this, for me, is disconcerting it also holds a comforting quality and I love the way you’ve portrayed the viewpoint – as if out of body viewing the scene…vivid and poignant work, Bjorn.

  2. I spent so many hours with my mother in her memory care facility ~~ came to love the residents ~~ you have described in aching detail those final meals.

  3. I can picture this very well Bjorn ~ It conjures for me the sick man’s dying last days ~ Sadly it happens all too often ~

  4. My immediate visceral response is that at that point I will probably be hoping I choke on one of those potatoes

  5. yes bjorn, i have seen this ever too often lately. but that’s life; that in the end many of us will leave unclaimed, forgotten. just with a bowl of potato soup and an oxygen nasal canula

  6. Damnation, that was vividly morose and awesome in the most terrible way ever….lol. Bjorn you captured a point in time that most of has dealt with, not many have experienced and aren’t really in a hurry to get there, and you did in an almost shockingly honest portrait. Woe…that was amazing.

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