The texture of a leaf

The texture of a nameless leaf
as crumbled in my hand,
is much the same
as promises past midnight made.

The sound of wings —
a skein of geese,
is much the same,
as your voicemail-greetings left.

The echo of your parting still remains,
as sunlit dust can stay —
swaying in midair,
is much the same
as being left a leaf.

A modern Tantalus. Illustration for 'Meggendorfer leaves' by  Koloman Moser

A modern Tantalus. Illustration for ‘Meggendorfer leaves’ by Koloman Moser

A very quick poem for Kerry’s prompt on William Carlos Williams on Toads.


41 responses to “The texture of a leaf

  1. Hey Bjorn, this was a masterpiece. You included a part of the new world: the e-mail, haha. as it was so original, i’m going to share it to google. thanks.

  2. I taste a mixture of bitterness and loss in this one. As if the speaker wants to not care… wishes for the subject to be nothing… but that crumbled leaf seems to stick to his fingers, and the sound lingers…

  3. Having lost several loves along the way, I can testify to the truth that the echo of their parting still remains…years later…

  4. For me, this has a bit of a chain or circular tale element to it in which the last element leads to repetition of the first (in this instance reworked to great effect). A very clever little poem.

  5. ‘The echo of your parting still remains’, that’s my favorite line. So much depth and feeling in those words. Powerful, indeed, Bjorn.

  6. Instantly one of my favourites! So emotionally evocative, so perfectly crafted.

  7. What interesting images. Truly, I always think of these things as beautiful, but OH! you are right, they’re too soon gone!

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