Marble of the tiger’s eye

Marble of the tiger’s eye
iridescent and dense.
anticipating rain.

I’m nauseated by its claws
the waiting
for retracted footprints in the mud.

A sigh at dusk:
my song
is lumpy like a moldy cushion,
fashioned for the f(l)ight

but with unlikely change of colors
the tiger rests its case.

Tiger by Utagawa Kunisada

Tiger by Utagawa Kunisada

Linking up to toad‘s open platform.

August 18, 2015

20 responses to “Marble of the tiger’s eye

  1. The style of the stripes on the tiger is rather mesmeizing. Not sure I would want to look one in the eyes outside of captivity. Those are some big beasts. Beautiful but dangerous.

  2. this tiger “resting its case” sounds like a stuffed animal, nice flow of ideas, the waiting the resting the lumpyness, the marble eyed tiger.

    Oh and i luv stuffed animals pillows

    have a nice Tuesday Bjorn

    much love…

  3. This seems like a little bird or other creature waiting for the tiger to go away–a very hard situation that you describe well in the nausea! Agh. k.

  4. clever composition and not one that readily springs to mind – tigers that is not native to your homeland – so even better for the imagination of encounter here. I like the allusion to leapords and spots and the lumpy cushion song is unique. Catchy in the throat

  5. “I’m nauseated by its claws
    the waiting”

    I think you’re writing about a woman who infuriates you. Given the closing line, I think she’s a lawyer.

    This contains numerous stories, but I like the one I’m picturing taking place in a courtroom. Maybe a divorce. Maybe the woman is the lawyer, or maybe she’s the one who’s about to take all your money. Or maybe she’s just a woman who likes music. (When I hear the word “rest,” I immediately think of sheet music.)

    Brilliant: “fashioned for the f(l)ight”

    Seriously. Brilliant.

  6. Too much cat for inside the domicile. We have one male I finally put outside for good. I can’t have all the fighting. The spray. It got so bad I put him up at the park. It took him a few weeks to navigate home, then just a few hours. Harmony achieved. Legal problems abated. Etc..

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