A Heart of clay

His under-belly swells,
the w(h)ining vessel echoes,
dwells in misery
of scornful oil and vinegar.

His tattooed tears
weigh heavy on her chest,
“You’re right my dear”
she says and trusts again
the silence of a heart of clay.

A miser always get his way. 

Margret gives us images of vases to get inspired by on toads. I have had a little break, but now its nice to be back writing.
August 7, 2015

20 responses to “A Heart of clay

  1. I feel very sad undertones woven through this piece. I really loved the imagination and originality of the image of the “tattooed tears”, it was something very challenging and interesting to try and envision in my head.

  2. “and trusts again the silence of a heart of clay”… No, no, I want to tell her. Don’t trust that acidic heart. You have a way of making a point brilliantly.

  3. This was evocative, almost sexual and yet helpless. As there was no other way.
    Beautiful words.

  4. This is fantastic. I love what you did here: “the w(h)ining vessel echoes”

    “His tattooed tears” … I first misread this line as “His tattooed ears,” which is also very cool. Love the imagery — both ways.

    I really like the last three lines as well.

  5. It is so nice to see you back, Bjorn. I hope your holiday was wonderfully restorative. Were you camping in your beloved mountains? I love thr pithy-ness of this poem and especially its closing lines, where she “trusts again the silence of a heart of clay.” Wow!

  6. Bjorn, I took a break, too. Wow, this character study is great. The vase is the character; the miser with a hardened heart. Great analogy, as clay begins as malleable and only time can dry it to hard…. Love this! Amy

  7. How sharp the character you painted here with words! Also ‘she’ shown as totally weak-willed one. Great parable for the image of vase you’ve picked!

  8. Hey Bjorn–Welcome Back! This feels like the relationship of a withholder of affection and someone who craves it–(all too common!) Really interesting perspective and really well done. k.

  9. intrigued by his “swelling underbelly” as if all comforts are his alone. Or perhaps just the opposite as a jug fills itself for others… Once clay is hardened, it can’t be shaped – so that does fit a miser well. (sorry it took so long to visit and comment…) Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

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