Summer rain

Reflected silver from the glossy leaves.
A book to read while sheltered from the rain
A cup of tea and songs to fill my brain
of water slowly falling from the eaves.

I watch the greenery of growing grain
that thrive in blessings that the soil receives
The summer petrichor in my belief
translates to verdancy of our terrain.

Afterwards the clouds divide, and rays
of evening sunlight make these emeralds
a royal fortune, turning into mist.

I never tire of these summer days
in rain, in sun so far from netherworlds
of winter blizzards, is this gentle tryst.

Daubigny's Garden by Vincent van Gogh

Daubigny’s Garden by Vincent van Gogh

25 responses to “Summer rain

  1. I love the first stanza, the last line, and this:
    “The summer petrichor in my belief
    translates to verdancy of our terrain.”

  2. Oh, you used one of my favorite words and smells…petrichor. the third stanza is so beautiful. Such a lovely and gentle poem and it speaks so well of those special things of summer – the soft rain, growing grain, taking a few steps back and relaxing and just enjoying. I do like this so very much.

  3. I spent my first summer rains under the canopy on my patio just a few days ago… It was EXCELLENT! I was reading… then napping took over?

  4. So lovely, Bjorn. I envy you the rain, which we need here so badly. Love the peaceful feeling of this poem, the book, the porch, the green all around you, verdancy and emeralds.

  5. I am in love with this!
    Your third stanza made me sway and float. And “summer petrichor” was a dreamy picture. Petrichor has been one of my favourite words – so pretty and delicate!

  6. I can so relate to the sentiment expressed in this sonnet. I love the gentle cadence of the lines, as you conjure images of greenery, especially as I am caught in the drought of winter and half my garden is dead.
    I have been working with the Petrarchan form a la Neruda, since I received his collection for my birthday. Very inspiring.

  7. Each season brings its own little blessing. Even winter. There is a wonderful relief though when it is summer, and the storms are behind us – the coldness. Of course there is a metaphor in this as well. And always, a book.

  8. I can only imagine how beloved summer and color and warmth must be after so many months of cold and white monotone–a beautiful piece, Bjorn, with all the expertise you always bring to this form.

  9. Summer rains are special. Your writing here was exactly what I would say if I had your excellent capacity to express. Thank you.

  10. those last few lines give a punch to the heart’s lingering for days as you have shared… and the longer daylight intensifies this time of the year… nicely done

  11. Green verdancy of summer, blessings of rain, sheltered with a book…a gentle tryst, indeed. Lovely words and artwork, Bjorn.

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