Solstice sky

undulating gold — your hair
a blooming field of solstice
and rapeseed bloom

your eyes — a sky without a cloud
limitless perfume
wild roses bloom

your song is wheels of bicycles
on gravel roads
the two of us
a picnic basket

“We could swim”
your teeth are smiling ice.

by the lake the ducklings dip
and in their wake
your lips are sun-warm

Today Hannah shows wonderful images from Luoping County in Qujing Prefecture, Yunnan, China on toads. I was mostly inspired by the rapeseed bloom, and wrote a little poem that might be slightly sappy, but fits the season, where the rapeseed just have bloomed.

July 2, 2015

34 responses to “Solstice sky

  1. she had a feeling
    where once she had been a hollow
    this must be poetry she thought
    a craggy rock
    who knows when she swallowed
    the pouch of her belly pierced
    new tattoo complex
    silly crushes
    this must be poetry she thought
    she memorized
    rhyme’s for class got D’s
    that’s poetry
    but then her period ended
    at 13 the lava
    she stained everything she touched with blood
    surely that’s poetry
    Randy took her out on a pretend first date
    and dumped her back 15 minutes later
    the tag still attached to her
    new dress
    tear smudged ink
    half sentences
    one line per page
    notebook scrawl
    changing lines
    surely that’s poetry
    handing out copies
    at workshop
    Wednesday night
    next to the bearded lady
    Franceye rocking
    right there
    in the next seat
    tapping a Birkenstock
    that’s it she thought

  2. your eyes — a sky without a cloud
    limitless perfume
    wild roses bloom

    This reads so beautifully.. such splendid images 🙂
    Well penned 🙂

  3. Very original imagery to envision, I like that it sort of creates a mixture of seeing/smelling/feeling, but in a topsy turvy way, out of the ordinary.

  4. Bjorn, this poem is beautifully written and has a refreshing & soothing warmth to its glow. Outstanding my friend.

    P.S I got a new poem up. It’s actullay my latest called: You’re Stupidity Spills out Diseased Excuses. Hope you enjoy…and hope it makes sense.

  5. This is perfection. The last two stanzas are brilliant, the way you melted her chill with your tongue, I presume.

  6. “Her song to the yellow bicycle:
    The boats on the bay
    have nothing on you,
    my swan, my sleek one!”

  7. Great imagery, as ever, Björn – but slightly unsettling where her teeth are like ice, but lips warm……

  8. “your teeth are smiling ice…your lips are sun-warm strawberries” I like how those 2 lines really balance each other out with cold and warm imagery.

  9. hmmmm… lips like sunwarm strawberries… love all the summer images in this – the biking and swimming and beautiful intimacy

  10. I like the deconstruction of her – and the summer feel of her.
    I could def get into some strawberry fields. Ha.

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