Leaving for Cannes

Hungry spotlights and scavenging flashlights were searching for every indication of a celebrity bulge that could expose an infidelity, Every premiere is a meat-market for tabloid journalism.

Loretta leaned against Tuck’s tuxedo shoulder. It was time to talk, it was time to split and part. Afterwards she thought, after this premiere. She lowered her gaze for the director:

“It will be a blockbuster”, Milton said, “we will go to Cannes together”.

But suddenly spatter-flowers bloomed on Milton’s chest. He fell.
Tuck hissed:

“No need to tell me, we will leave together”

Tuck pressed the hot revolver muzzle against Loretta’s temple.

This week brought me to the drama of celebrities… wonder if these things ever happen.

Friday Fictioneers is a blogging community headed by Director Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Each week we try to find stories in the same picture and present them in 100 words. I will try to visit as many as possible, and I always try to pay a revisit to those that leave a comment.

June 24, 2015

39 responses to “Leaving for Cannes

  1. I thought celebs were immune to jealousy: infidelity just part of the job?
    Good piece.

  2. Celebrities are humans too…and no acting skills can hide their true colours for long. Nice connection to the brights lights in the picture to the story.

  3. Oy my, ha.
    I guess it could happen.
    Jealousy, hmm. Guess he knew what was coming
    and made his own plans.

  4. Celebs – their shows and reality shows. It might be emotionally confusing at times but one thing is certain – there is always a touch of drama to it.

  5. It seems that us humans are more blood thirsty than vampires.
    Very creative take.

  6. “But suddenly spatter-flowers bloomed on Milton’s chest.” Incredible imagery through-out.
    Sometimes, the actor can’t tell where the fiction stops and the fact begins!

  7. There have been killings that affected the stars, but I don’t remember one shooting the other. I may be wrong though. It would make quite a story. Well done, Bjorn. 🙂 — Suzanne

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